Monday, June 26th, 2023

Ending a call with Faith (checking up on her from school) Sharon opens her front door and scolds Adam, the jerk’, for coming to a ‘crime victim’s’ house so late at night.

Entering her suite, Sally snaps at Nick for ‘hovering’ over her – it’s uncomfortable. No, she’s not in any physical pain.

My marriage might be ending – because I lied about my Mom, Summer confides in Chance on the CL’s patio.

In one of the GCAC’s many hotel suites, Mike’s on the phone animatedly arranging ‘over the top’ romance – chocolate-dipped strawberries and ‘whatever else you can think of’. Hanging up when there’s a knock at the door, a half-dressed Mike jumps on the sofa to strike poses and flew his muscles. ‘It’s so hot in here’, his back to the door, he channels his inner 80’s ‘adult’ movie star. The hell!?!? he turns around and clumsily covers himself with a cushion – Phyllis!!

Mike fires questions at Phyllis. Yes, of course he was worried about her – but Lauren’s supposed to be here any minute. Unable to stay mad for long, he gives Phyllis a hug – it’s good to see you.

Sally doesn’t mean to push the sweet and attentive Nick away. His offer to move in has no expiry date, he even encourages her to get loud (and let him have it)

Not realizing how late it is, Adam can help Sharon come to terms with taking a life. Sharon has NO regrets about killing the dangerous Cameron. If she had to do it over again (to save Faith) she would.

Mike’s back in mad-mode. You’re no better than Diane. Do you love me? Phyllis asks. Mike’s not sure anymore – barging in on his (and Lauren’s) romantic evening isn’t high on his list of grievances. Phyllis survived – and the man she killed was garbage. We need to figure out a way you can help me before your wife comes through that door. Did I lose you to Diane? Will you choose her over me?? Phyllis is wounded.

On the patio, Summer confesses to Chance that she let Diane sit in jail while knowing her Mom was alive. And it was HER, not Daniel who Phyllis reached out to. No, Chance isn’t surprised. Summer hopes her friend will tell her she’s not a bad person. How much trouble am I in?

Sharon plays therapist – she can see that Adam’s not dealing with the loss of the baby and Sally. She’s the one you need to talk to (and cry with) You need to find a way to forgive yourself. How? Adam asks.

Sally doesn’t want to unleash on Nick. If she starts screaming she may never stop. I’m here – I’m yours, Nick continues to push her buttons until she reacts. Sally can’t forgive the doctors, or Adam. And I was stressed because of you! You were the one person I could count on! Your family needed you – but where were you when I needed you!? she sobs in Nick’s arms.

Sally hates me, Adam tells Sharon that he poured his heart out to her. He explains why he made the choice he did. Good night, he gives up and leaves without getting whatever support he felt he’d find in Sharon.

Nick’s so sorry. Me too, Sally whispers. Yeah, it felt good to get all that out. Sleep? Want some help? She’d love Nick’s help ~kiss~ Snuggling in bed, Nick won’t go anywhere until Sally falls asleep – however long that takes.

Back on the patio, Summer whines about her Mom’s nemesis being in control of her and her Mom’s fate. Chance realizes that Summer really doesn’t know where Phyllis is. He’ll have no choice but to prosecute her.

Mike tried very hard to NOT be Diane’s lawyer. And don’t get me started on Lauren – that woman LOVES you. Needing Mike to plead her case, Phyllis is surprised and delighted to hear that Summer already asked him and that Mike accepted. Phyllis is proud of her fearless daughter. Summer could be headed for big trouble, Mike warns.