Thursday, August 18th, 2023

No time or energy for proofreading today. Expect typos and grammatical errors.

Billy enters CL’s to watch Chelsea on the patio with Connor – both seem frustrated as she tries to insist he tell her what’s wrong in a calm, respectful way. As if sensing his stare, Chelsea looks over to shake her head and shrug at Billy (who looks like a deer caught in the headlights)

In the park, Adam asks Sally how it went with Victor; when do you start work? I don’t – he pulled the plug, because of you, she informs.

Awakening in bed alone, Tucker sees his new wife crying by the window. I made a huge mistake, she sniffles.

At the house, Diane brings Jack onto the back terrace for a surprise breakfast. What are we celebrating? Our two week anniversary. And what’s this? he picks up an envelope. Proof of how much she loves him.

Diane had Mike draw up a post-nup before he left town. It’ll shut everyone up once and for all and give Ashley one less reason to hate her. God forbid something happens, she leaves the marriage with no more than she brought.

Is this a joke? Tucker’s confused. Ashley’s not laughing – if last night was so ‘magical’, why did he sneak off in the middle of the night? Unable to sleep, Tucker went downstairs for a drink. Alone? No -he was with Nate. It seems to be news to him that he ended up in Audra’s room.

Chelsea leaves Connor to tell Billy about his nightmares – he was drowning. Billy’s had that dream – it’s scary and confusing – but then he wakes up and realizes everything’s OK. Billy encourages Connor to talk to someone, like he is right now.

Back in the park with Adam, Sally relays that Victor changed his mind – he needs to focus all his energy on keeping his two sons in line (though she feels there’s more to it)

Jack loves and trusts Diane – he knows she doesn’t have ulterior motives – isn’t that enough? Near tears, Diane believes this document will show everyone that all she wants from Jack is love. He doesn’t think it will convince Ashley.

Ashley followed Tucker to Audra’s room – why were you there?! OK, it’s time he comes clean – Kyle was in her room the entire time I was there. Call him if you don’t believe me. Hearing about the rapey singer/Audra/Adam situation, Ashley wonders if Tucker would have ever told her.

Still on the patio, Connor hates school – Johnny’s his only friend and he and Katie are going away to school. He doesn’t want to go back to Walnut Grove (where all the kids know about his parents) Yes, he’s being bullied but can’t tell his Mom in case she can’t handle it. She’s stronger than you think, you’re her number one priority. We won’t let you down. After he sends Connor up for a nap, Billy goes in to update Chelsea. He’s afraid the boy is feeling hopeless.