Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023

In the park, Mariah and Tessa’s kiss is interrupted by a loud clap of thunder so loud they wonder why it didn’t wake Aria up.

Sharon’s summoned Ester to CL’s to ask if she wants to manage the coffee shop.

Over drinks at Society, Sally’s managed to distract Nick from thinking about his father and brother. They decide to take this to her suite.

Kyle comes down the staircase as Summer comes through the revolving door. After a brief chat about Harrison, Summer announces that it’s time they divorce.

Waking Aria up, Mariah and Tessa are relieved when she cries. It’s odd that the thunder didn’t wake her up – or that time Tessa dropped some utensils.

Admitting that she doesn’t get much human interaction at CW, Ester has fond memories of working at CL’s. Sharon’s happy when she accepts.

Summer doesn’t want to be in limbo anymore – we should formalize our separation, she tells Kyle. Arriving at the club, Nick sends Sally upstairs while he joins Summer and Kyle (who he wants to talk to alone)

After being introduced to Aria, Ester leaves Sharon to update Mariah and Tessa that she’ll be managing CL’s.

Upstairs, Sally gets a call from Adam – who again offers her a job.

After Summer leaves, Nick orders two beers. Kyle’s sorry about what happened to Faith and Sally losing the baby. Nick acknowledges that Summer was wrong but but this can’t be the end, can it?

Sharon wants to throw a splashy party to launch NSA Media – then is told that the thunder didn’t wake Aria up. They’re worried something’s wrong.

No, Adam’s not going after Newman Media and he and Nick are fine. Take this job for your sake and Nick’s. She’ll think about it.

Summer’s betrayal was too big, Kyle says she’s just like Phyllis. She’s the same woman who blackmailed him into marriage to save Lola’s life. No, there’s nothing Nick can say. Summer’s ready to divorce.

In her suite, upstairs, Summer sobs.

Sharon’s not worried about Aria sleeping through loud noises. Faith’s a heavy sleeper too, she reassures the nervous Moms. Take her to a doctor – it’ll set your minds at ease.

It’s a new day, Dad – Adam’s ready to show him what he’s made of.

Upstairs, Nick updates Sally that Kyle’s sure the marriage is over. He hates that his little girl is in pain. Sally tears up – you’d have been the best bonus Dad to Ava ~hug~

In her robe, Summer answers her door to stare sadly at Kyle.

Kyle agrees they should end this torture. There’s no reason not to go forward with the divorce. Summer hopes they can keep things friendly for Harrison’s sake. I really am sorry, for everything. Me too, Kyle leaves.

Sally and Nick hug. You’re doing great, he’s proud of her. But yes, he would have done everything he could to be the best father to Ava. He hopes to have another chance. You want to have a kid with me? Sally’s surprised.

Mariah and Tessa reassure one another – Aria’s hearing was tested at the hospital; she’s fine. Sharon’s made an appointment (though is also sure her granddaughter’s fine)

Aria on her knee, Sharon’s offer to babysit is declined. Don’t worry, she repeats.

Nick would love to have a kid with Sally – you’d be an amazing Mother.

In the restaurant. Kyle declines Audra’s invitation to stop by – he’s wiped out – see you tomorrow.

Summer flashes back to their happy vow renewal – then the break up.She removes her rings and sits on the bed.