Monday, August 21st, 2023

When Nikki comes home Victor can tell her meeting went well – she’s got the look of a ‘predator after a successful hunt’. Relaying his meeting with Nate, Victor believes he only lied to protect Vikki and has enlisted his help. To do what? Nikki balks.

At Adam’s place, Nick lectures him. Yes, Sally told him about Dad rescinding his job offer. Why do we keep putting up with it? Adam fumes.

Vikki welcomes Kyle into her office and the company – how are things going with your boss (Audra)?

At the club’s bar, Nate seems salty that everything worked out for Audra but he’s under the microscope with all the Newmans – even Vikki’s distant with him. Have you ever trusted anyone or been trusted? he asks. Nate can repair things with Vikki but he won’t help Audra again.

Kyle’s enjoying the challenge within a company free of drama (Abbott drama that is) Asked what it’s like working with Audra, Kyle has high praise but wonders why Vikki’s asking so many questions.

Sally will be just fine, Nick’s sure. Yes, but Dad hurt her; it was cold and calculated – like a chess move. Adam’s pissed that their Dad used a woman both he and Nick care about to show ‘us’ who’s boss. He then wonders why Nick isn’t pissed off too.

Vikki tells Kyle what Adam was holding over Audra’s head. She told Victor everything so her job’s secure – for now. Vikki has full confidence in Audra. Adam won’t be let go because Dad just got financing, she then asks what Kyle thinks about merging the two media companies. With Adam involved, it’d be a nightmare, Kyle’s candid. Both and Vikki are glad to have found an ally in the other.

In the park, Chloe whines to Ester that Bella wants to get a dog. But, what’s really bothering her is that she walked away from her partnership with Sally because she didn’t want to work for Victor.

Adam and Nick are at the ranch to confront Victor for messing with Sally. Why’d you do it? Because you could? You’re both presuming too much, Victor mumbles.

After all the ‘time and effort’ Victor put in to have his sons work together, he doesn’t understand why their focus is protecting Sally. She just lost her baby … Adam’s cut off when Victor wags his finger and barks – you’re lucky you have a job! The merger will be go through by next week; the launch of SNA Media will be announced at a press party, he commands. If you won’t do it, I will!

Running into Sally at the park, Chloe tells her partner that she wants back in. You were right not to trust Victor, Sally tells her (and Ester) that there will be no fashion division at Newman.