Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

‘Appreciate the tip’, Billy slips some cash to the waitress at the jazz lounge then joins Tucker at the bar to ask what the status is re: Jabot.

Nate’s at the ranch to provide his opinion on the SNA report. It lacks unity – there’s no singular vision, Nate continues – Adam’s sole focus is on Newman Media. Nick and Sharon don’t share his fixation.

At Society, Vikki grills Ashley on all her recent changes – on Tucker as well as shifting away from her family and Jabot. Will you really turn your back on your father’s legacy – or is the plan to take the company away for Jack?

Tucker and I aren’t the new corporate Bonnie and Clyde, Ashley’s priorities have shifted because she’s in love. Knowing all about family rivalries, Vikki’s worried how this will affect Billy – he doesn’t deserve to be put in the middle. Billy’s exactly where he wants to be, Ashley assures. Is he part of your plans? Vikki persists.

Billy’s skeptical that Ashley’s willing to take her share of Jabot and move on; that she’s willing to walk away from her father’s legacy, knowing Diane will find a way to get on the board. Tucker sees right through Billy – you’re scared you missed your chance to run Jabot on your own.

Nate lists reasons why Adam’s a hindrance to SNA Media. As for Nick, he plays it safe where boldness is needed. How would you make it successful if you were in charge? Victor asks.

Nate thinks the biggest problem for SNA Media is merging McCall with Kirsten (whose platforms are obsolete) The only move that makes sense is to strip Sharon’s company down to it’s essentials and fold it into into Newman Media. Assuming that’s what Victor already had in mind, Nate wonders why he was asked.

Back at Society’s bar, Ashley didn’t mean to alarm Vikki – Billy will be able to handle any challenges at Jabot. She’s just not willing to stick around and watch Diane tank the company. I’m letting go. What is this!? Ashley’s irritated and suspicious.

Still in the jazz lounge, Tucker’s sad news for Billy is that he and Ashley have decided this war with Jack isn’t worth fighting. Billy doesn’t believe it – you’re icing me out. Truth is, Tucker doesn’t trust Billy; if he wants control of Jabot, he’ll have to figure out a way to dethrone Diane on his own.

Coming upstairs, Tucker runs into Adam at the revolving door. Teased about his failed blackmail attempt (which his Dad busted) Adam warns that he still has the incriminating emails. Tucker doesn’t think he’d be that foolish. Billy appears – ‘gentlemen, what’s going on’?

Noting how protective Vikki is of Billy, Ashley wonders if she has regrets. Vikki has no regrets and again asks if Billy has anything to do with Ashley walking away from Jabot. He’ll be OK, Ashley insists – gotta go.

What’s going on? Billy asks again. Tucker’s giving me grief about the way I’m running his company, Adam claims. Yeah, that’s what’s going on, Tucker heads upstairs. That leaves Billy to empathize with what Adam’s going through with Connor. Adam suspects that Billy’s trying to put him at ease so he can fish for info on Tucker.