Thursday, August 24th, 2023

Again in the park, Mariah and Tessa are giving themselves a pep talk when Elena joins them to ask what’s wrong. They just received unsettling news from the pediatricion.

At CL’s, Ester asks Sharon about Aria, then assures Chloe that managing the coffee shop while working part time at CW won’t be too much. Nick arrives to ask for a minute with Sharon.

Seated at the chess table, Nikki’s stunned to hear that Victor’s decided to merge SNA with Newman Media and thinks Adam’s right to wonder what he’s up to.

Adam accosts Nate at Society – what did you talk to my Dad about???

Refusing to divulge details of his conversations with Victor, Nate mocks Adam for not putting together a solid business plan. Victor came to me for my take. I’m the COO of Newman – of course I looked into it. You were right about the merger but you were willing to burn everything down to make it happen. Victor should have cut you lose – instead he’s giving you what you wanted; Newman Media merged with SNA in a silver platter. Why can’t you take the win instead of looking for another enemy??

Victor was impressed with Nate’s analysis of SNA Media – we agree that the company needs reinforcement (merging with Newman Media) Nikki cautions him about throwing Nate into the mix – he’s too ambitious for his own good, and Vikki’s. What does she think? She’s in LA and hasn’t called back – so, Victor’s moving forward with the merger. There’ll be a whole new dynamic by the time she returns from LA.

On the patio, Nick and Sharon are pissed that Victor plans to ‘fold’ SNA into NM – that’s not a merger, that’s swallowing us up. Nick hates the thought of answering to Adam.

Continuing to argue at Society, Nate scoffs at Adam suggesting that he can influence Victor. You’re getting what you wanted, he repeats.
Summoned to his place for an ‘important’ meeting with Nick, Adam vows to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Nate’s left to punch buttons on his phone – call me when you can. Victor’s merging SNA with NW. Did you know this was coming?

Tessa and Mariah tell Elena that they had Aria’s hearing checked – she might have severe hearing loss. Yes, they’ve made an appointment with a specialist. Don’t drive yourselves crazy – Aria’s hearing can be treated (like Devon’s was) Elena reassures.

Speculating is pointless – we need to see the details of Victor’s plan. Adam’s got visions of the big chair – he already resorted to blackmail, this will feed his worst instincts, Sharon and Nick are in agreement.

Adam’s surprised when Sally shows up at his place with questions about his job offer (a decision she wants to make without Nick’s input)