Friday, August 25th, 2023

When Sharon drops by the tackhouse, Mariah’s understandably worried about Aria. Until the audiologist gets there we won’t know anything. Now’s not the time to panic or lose hope, Sharon cautions.

Arriving at Sally’s suite. Nick’s not mad that she didn’t tell him about the job offer and doesn’t want to talk about Adam. She knows something that might cheer him up ~kiss~

Adam’s at the ranch to discuss something important – after the merger, he wants to run the company he created. I deserve the seat at the head of the table.

Victor thinks Adam brazen as hell. Did you run this gambit by Nick and Sharon? Adam’s just going after something he wants and deserves. You got what you wanted! Adam shouts about Nate being the one to get HIS idea approved. Victor raises his voice too – what’s the matter with you?!

After sex, Sally asks Nick if his offer to fund her business still stands. Of course. No, she won’t be working with Adam. It felt wrong – he didn’t even tell you or Sharon about the offer. Nick thinks she dodged a bullet. You’re a strong woman. Sally smiles because of the wonderful, kind Nick – she wants to create something to leave to her kids one day. You’ll soar, Nick’s sure ~kiss~

Back at the tackhouse, Tessa did some research online. Admitting that she did too, Mariah insists her Mom update her on NSA. We’re probably merging with Newman Media; Adam expects her and Nick to take a back seat to him.

Typical Adam, typical Victor, Mariah and Tessa are glad to hear that Sharon will fight them both for her company. After a debate over which of them is the most fearless, Sharon gives the Moms a pep talk.

Adam thought Victor, Nick and Sharon would agree that he should run Newman Media. Maybe if Nate suggests it, it’ll become a good idea, he quips. Audra’s out, he assumes. We’ll see, Victor won’t commit.

As they finish getting dressed, Sally’s going to reject Adam’s job off then go work on a business plan. You’re on hell of an investment, Nick just wishes she’d move in with him ~kiss~

Nikki just saw Adam leaving – what was that about? He wants to be CEO of the newly merged companies; Nick and Sharon to answer to him. She has an idea – what if Nick and Sharon shared the number one position and Adam was number two?