Monday, August 28th, 2023

Unbeknownst to Mariah, Tessa’s summoned Devon to the tackhouse. The pediatrician ran some tests on Aria, he’s told. Of course, he doesn’t mind discussing his experience with hearing loss.

Coming in from a work session on the back terrace, Jack and Billy are chatting when Tucker comes in – miss me? He’s having the rest of their stuff packed up; soon, he and Ashley will be out of their hair.

At Society, Abby thinks it a shame that her Mom’s leaving Jabot. Ashley will take whatever she’s created with her. She can’t work at Jabot with Diane there. It’s time for me to move on. Thank God, Diane appears to say.

Telling Devon that an audiologist is coming by later, Mariah worries Aria will never hear her Mom’s beautiful voice.

Diane’s words mean nothing to Ashley – you haven’t changed (she continues to devour her food)

Having successfully convinced Ashley that she can’t save Jabot from Diane, Tucker claims they’re ready to move on; Simply Ashley is their future. Little secret – your threat wasn’t Ashley – your brother was ready to sell you out for control of Jabot. Billy glares at his BIL.

When Mariah introduces Dr George, she and Devon remember each other. He then leaves Aria and her Moms in good hands.

Billy’s capable of anything if the price is right, Tucker mocks him disputing that with a straight face – guess it’s all that poker playing. You can’t fake the hunger and ambition (that he saw in Billy’s eyes) – it’s your baby brother who was ready to stick a knife in your back.

Back at Society, Abby referees her Mom and Diane. Getting a call from Devon, she hopes they can behave themselves. Seconds after she leaves, Ashley starts choking mid-insult. Diane’s eyes widen.

Diane leaps into action to give Ashley the Heimlich. Did it all come out? she asks (after a chunk of food hits the waiter) Did you just save my life? Ashley’s in shock.

Meeting Abby and Dom in the park, Devon tells her that Aria might have issues with her hearing.

Aria down for a nap, Dr George tells the Moms about the tests she ran. It’s too early to make assumptions. Yes, it’s treatable – but there’s no cure.

The only backstabbing sonofabitch in this room is YOU! Jack rants at Tucker (who comments on his way out that ‘blood is thicker than betrayal’) Now alone, Jack quips – lucky I trust you; Tucker made one helluva case. What does that mean? Billy frowns.

Billy played his part exactly as he was supposed to – he only pretended to be interested in the offer to run Jabot. Billy’s shocked by how quickly the seed Tucker planted took root. Jack’s sorry – he didn’t mean it that way. That’s the only way it can be taken, Billy huffs out.

Don’t be dramatic, Diane only did what anyone else would have. Annoyed, Ashley refuses to go to the hospital for a check up.

Discussing Aria, Devon recalls how angry and frustrated he was; how Neil calmed him down; both learning sign language. We’ll be there for Mariah and Tessa, they agree. If it wasn’t for Mariah … Devon hugs his son.

When Dr George goes through some options for Aria, the Moms wonder if they did something wrong.

Mariah and Tessa will contact Delphine to see if anyone in her family has hearings issues. Next step is to bring Aria into Dr George’s office to be fitted for a hearing aid. After the doctor leaves, Mariah and Tessa’s hug is interrupted when Devon and Abby arrive with food and support.

Continuing to fuss over Ashley, Diane finally manages to convince her to accept a drive back to the club.

Coming back downstairs, Tucker finds Jack by himself. Did the ‘turncoat’ leave? Jack blasts him for trying to drive a wedge between him and Billy. He’ll deal with issues within the family. NO! You are NOT, and never will be, family! If you hurt Ashley, I WILL destroy you! Tucker calmly warns Jack – you do not want to cross me (and leaves)

When Diane and Ashley come through the revolving door, Tucker chuckles – you two are hanging out together? Thanking Diane, Ashley insists she leave.

It’s not the best news ever but we’ll take it one step at a time, Mariah says (Aria in her lap) Mom and I love you and will do whatever it takes, Tessa adds.

Jack leaves a message for Billy (hating the way they left things) Diane then comes home to blurt out – Ashley could have died; I saved her life.

Ashley can’t believe it – Diane did something amazing, she tells Tucker that she ‘popped a grape’ for emphasis and choked on it. Diane helped without hesitation. The woman I hate just saved my life.

In the lounge, Billy looks at the missed call (from Jack) Not interested, he deletes it.