Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

Unsure of why they’be been summoned to the ranch, Nick, Sharon and Adam argue. A grim faced Victor appears to thank them ‘all’ for coming.

All take a seat to continue the bickering, much to Victor’s disappointment. He scolds them for not being able to work together – what’s the matter with you!?

*I wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s show but will do so now and update asap.

What is your vision for the company? Victor asks the trio. Adam fantasizes that Victor puts him in charge (which results in Sharon screaming at him and Nick punching him in the face)

Asked for her vision of the company, Sharon admits that she’s having second thoughts – then fantasizes that Adam apologizes to everyone. He wants to work with her and Nick (who shakes Adam’s hand – let’s do it) Snapping out of it, she declares ‘I want out’.

Not trusting Adam or Victor (who wants to ‘streamline’ Kirsten Inc for the benefit of Newman) Sharon won’t allow SNA to be a cog in Victor’s company. When Victor refuses to let her out of their contract, Sharon storms out – to hire an attorney! After Nick does some complaining, he’s asked what his vision for the company is.

Nick doesn’t see any point in him sharing his vision (since his Dad’s probably made up his mind) No wonder Sharon wants out – Nick’s leaning that way too. Adam continues to side with Victor (suggesting Nick stick to his charity work)

For once, Adam agrees with Nick – it’s time for Victor to tell them his plan. On cue, Nikki joins them. She has a lot to say – you’ve both caused your Dad so much pain. Adam’s sense of entitlement is staggering, she mocks him – oh, woe is me – nobody understands me. Grow the hell up! Now for her precious Nicholas – you always have one foot out the door when it comes to this family. Commit to something. Nikki turns to Victor to warn him not to put Adam in charge. Victor heard his darling loud and clear. He’s not putting Adam in charge – Nikki will be CEO of Newman Media with Audra as her COO. Nick will take his Mom’s spot at Newman. Adam wonders where he fits in.

Victor wags his finger at Adam – you brought this on yourself. I’m so sorry, Adam mocks his Dad with a golf clap – you didn’t have to bring me here to tell me I get nothing. You’ll regret this. The threat is real, he promises. After Adam slams out, Victor and Nick both encourage Nikki to take the new job. As for Vikki, her position’s secure – for now. Victor’s disappointed that Nick wants to talk to his sister before going back to NE. That leaves Nikki to also decide she needs time to think about it.

Sharon’s leaving a long-winded message for Mike when Nick strolls into CL’s. Dad’s wrong to do this to you but he’s not budging. He kicked Adam to the curb – he’s out.

Victor’s near tears as he looks at a framed photo of Adam.

Adam marches into his apartment to pour a stiff drink. You want war, I’ll give you war, he’s fuming.

What’s a billionaire to do? I’m all alone now, he repeats to himself. No one, no one defeats me, he mutters before taking his wrath out on his punching bag.