Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

Mariah and Tessa mope over poor Aria (now played by a rolled-up towel wrapped in a blankie)

In the park, Adam understands that Sharon might be upset that he tried to take control. Not everything’s about you – she’s made a decision that will affect their entire operation.

**Ugh. A 10 hour work day followed by 3 hours of watching and recapping Y&R. My apologies for the typos and nonsensical synopsis. File any grievances with your local union rep 😉

Victor surprises Audra with a visit to her suite, where 5 feet away from her bed, he announces that Adam will no longer be a problem for her. Updated on the merger, she assumes she’s done at Newman Media.

With a hug, Nikki thanks Nick for coming to the ranch. She told Victor that he shouldn’t give in to Adam. Of course you and Sharon are frustrated. We’re considering our options. Nick doesn’t want Sharon to get screwed over and is disappointed that Adam’s not thinking of her best interests.

Assuming that his Dad’s going to cave in to Adam, Nick’s mad that his brother always fails upwards. Nikki preaches patience – she suggested Nick and Sharon be put in charge. We’re tired of the drama, he complains. Both agree that Adam enjoys playing the outcast.

I have plans for you, Victor smiles – the management structure at Newman Media is being arranged. He’s happy with Audra’s work – you’ll hear from me. Thank you, Sir, she grovels.

Seated at Vikki’s desk, Nate sends her a text – asking how it’s going in LA. I miss you. Audra calls – Victor was just here; something’s up.

Back in the park, Adam overheard Sharon telling Ester that things look promising. Either you know Victor’s plan or you have your own. She won’t repeat herself so will only say it once when they’re all together.

Sharon’s plans are still ‘in flux’ – she’ll call a meeting after talking to Nick. Adam doesn’t love being left out. Ha ha – you tried to seize power, Sharon laughs. It seems logical to Adam that he run the company he created. Ashland Locke created Cyaxares, she points out. You and Nick are planning a counter-coup, Adam accuses.