Thursday, August 31st, 2023

Running into one another at CL’s, Summer hugs her grandma and, when asked, informs that she and Kyle are divorcing – he’s moved on – with Audra. OMG, Nikki’s stunned.

Kyle’s annoyed when Nate interrupts him and Audra at the club. Have you spoken to anyone in the Newman camp? No – but she has a meeting with Nikki later. Nate decides they should speak in private (hence Kyle’s annoyance)

Jack bangs on Ashley’s door and rushes in to ask if she’s alright. Ashley seems to be struggling more with Diane being the one to save her life that she is from choking on a grape. What?! Diane doesn’t want you dead! Jack pretends it’s the most astonishing thing he’s ever heard.

In the jazz lounge, Billy’s reliving his fight with Jack when Adam arrives in need of a drink. I can see the world through your eyes, he chuckles – it ain’t pretty.

Explaining why he now has empathy for Adam, Billy knows what it’s like to never measure up. What’s Jack done now? Adam asks.

You thought Diane would stand there and watch you choke to death? Jack believes Ashley would have done the same. You have Dad’s kind heart, he hopes they can stop this fighting and get back to what really matters.

Apologizing for interrupting, Nate will just speak to Audra at dinner tonight. Yes, it’s regarding Newman Media, he’s instructed to include Kyle. Swearing them to secrecy, Nate relays what Vikki told him. Nick’s taking his Mom’s job at NE. Audra’s alarmed.

On the patio, Nikki uses herself and Victor as proof that Summer shouldn’t give up on Kyle. In fact, she’ll use Audra’s relationship with Kyle to put her in her place.

Summer doesn’t want her grandma to ‘stir things up’ – she wants peace with Kyle for Harrison’s sake. But no, she wouldn’t mind if Nikki gave Audra a dose of humility.