Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

Back at Adam’s, he does know what he wants – it’s just all been taken from him; his Mom and Cliff, Connor’s gone. He lost Sharon, his daughter and Sally. Adam now needs to focus on changing himself – and he hopes Sharon will help him.

Nick’s happy that his Dad’s finally punishing Adam and about his Mom’s new job. He understands that Sally wants him to be a hands off investor. She doesn’t think he should go back to work with Vikki just because it’s what Victor wants.

You made extensive leadership changes – took my co CEO, Vikki should have had a say. I own the damn company, Victor reminds.

It’s not Sharon’s responsibility to facilitate Adam’s reconciliation with his family, but she’ll support him when he figures out what he really wants. Adam quips that he’ll make a journal; a vision board. Sharon refuses to fail when it comes to fighting Victor (for her company)

Audra calls ‘Mrs Newman’ to report that she ended things with Kyle but would like to discuss his future in the company. Nikki’s just arrived at the club – are you around? Give me half an hour, Audra ends the call in a hurry as she pulls Kyle into her suite for a passionate kiss.

Kyle would like to go another round but Audra has to go see Nikki. It was exciting sneaking up the service stairs, he admits (and is left wanting more when Audra hops out of the bed)

Back at the ranch, Vikki wishes she was there to see Adam’s face when her Dad dropped the bomb. Hopefully, it’s the last time – you did the right thing – he has no interest in our family. Victor looks hurt.

Nick doesn’t trust Nate. Going back to Newman, he’d be able to keep an eye on him – but – being stuck in the middle of power grabs is what made him walk away in the past. Her opinion welcome, Sally encourages Nick to follow his instincts, not just follow his Dad’s commands.

Audra joins Mrs Newman to update that her personal relationship with Kyle is over – but professionally, he’s done exemplary work. No, the demotion doesn’t bother her; she’s relieved to still have a job and hopes to learn a lot. Her back facing the revolving door, Nikki warns Audra against any underhanded moves – she doesn’t see Kyle coming down the staircase to share a conspiratorial smile with Audra.

Knowing that her father’s hurt, Vikki’s sorry for her flippant remarks (but then continues making more) Yes, she’ll welcome Nick back IF that’s what he decides.

Sally will back whatever decision Nick makes. Choose your own path. He does know that Sally’s the right path for him ~kiss~

You’re a good friend, Adam appreciates Sharon coming by. Tell Nick that I sound sincere. Agreeing, she hopes he IS sincere. Now alone, Adam pours a drink. His smirk is more sinister than sincere.