Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

Jack loves how protective Diane is of him. The war with Ashley may be over but there’s another one on the horizon.

When Billy drops by the house, Abby hopes it’s not to discuss her Mom’s feud with Jack; Mom’s in Paris, on her honeymoon. Billy now believes Ashley was right all along – Diane’s a threat to Jabot.

At Society, Audra’s not exactly in the mood to celebrate her demotion. Nate wonders if Nikki knows what she’s got going on with Kyle outside the boardroom.

Nikki’s summoned Kyle to the ranch – not to discuss Newman Media but to ask what the hell he’s doing with his life.

Knowing about Kyle’s fling with Audra, Nikki tells him what she told her (Audra) It’s done, Kyle claims as visions of his off-limits lover dance in his bed. I mean head. Nikki then demands that he work things out with his wife.

Audra insists she wouldn’t risk her career for Kyle. Glad to hear it, Nate then warns that Adam’s a threat. He doesn’t intimidate me, or Nikki – Audra doesn’t see the big deal. And, as Nate again warns her about Kyle, that’s exactly who she’s thinking of.

Jack now believes it was a mistake to recruit Billy; by asking him to be duplicitous, he now suspects everyone else of being duplicitous. Ashley’s plan was for you (Diane) to make a monumental mistake at Jabot – then he’d swoop in to save the day. Of course Jack trusts Diane.

Jack’s going to give Diane more power, Billy tells Abby that the post-nup is vague and open to interpretation – she could walk away with a big chunk of the company in a divorce. That’s why Billy’s adding a clause that Diane can’t have a seat on the board for ten years. She’s probably gunning for my job, he adds.

Abby tells Billy that her feelings towards Diane have softened due to her marrying Uncle Jack and saving her Mom’s life the other night at Society. Billy just wants her vote to protect Jabot by adding guidelines. Sorry, but count me out, Abby replies.

If Jack has to let Billy go, Jack will need Diane to step up. She thinks Kyle should be the one if it comes to that; he should be back at Jabot, where he belongs.