Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

Kyle insists his marriage is over and explains why. His mind is made up (even if Nikki fires him)

Nikki knows better than to force the issue. Audra’s impressed with Kyle’s work. But, if their affair continues, both will be fired. She then comments on him leaving Jabot and compares him to Adam.

Back at Society, Nate denies having concerns that Nick will turn Vikki against him. She’ll always have my back – we share something very special. Nick might not even take the job. Things won’t go as smoothly as you’re letting yourself believe, Audra warns.

In the park, Kyle snaps at Abby when she asks how he’s dealing with the divorce. It hurt like hell but he now feels free. It feels good – I like it – got it? he looks guilty for lashing out.

Billy’s glad to find Jack in his office. Hating all the suspicion, Jack hopes they can stop this from escalating. Billy asks Diane to step out so he can have some time alone with his brother.

Though Jack’s OK if Diane stays, she leaves Billy to gripe about the post-nup language. He wants guidelines in place to protect his job and the company. Jack trusts Diane maybe more than Billy. You’ve never trusted me, Billy barks.

Calming down, Kyle informs that he and Summer will co-parent Harrison but he’s happy to devour life. See ya Cuz, he gives Abby a kiss on the cheek and leaves her to fret.

Nate went out on a limb for Audra – he doesn’t want her to make him look bad. Nikki appears at Society – how would he do that? For recommending me, Audra says quickly. Nikki notes how close she and Nate are. Summoned to the park for lemonade with Kyle, Audra hurries out. Nate looks suspicious.

We were working together to protect Diane a month ago, Jack claims. No, we were working together to protect this company, Billy corrects. You’d realize that if you opened your eyes. Slamming out, Billy tells Diane that he has no issue with her marriage to Jack but does with her gaining power at the company. There’s only one person willing to protect my father’s company and you’re looking at him (or were until he marches off)

In the park, Audra texts Kyle. It’s hot – I’m waiting. Nate appears in the background to spy.

Kyle’s just ordered two lemonades when Billy strolls into CL’s. He hopes Tucker and Ashley will leave his Mother alone.

Billy tells Kyle that he and Jack have some work issues. Do they have to do with his new wife? Kyle again warns Billy not to mess with his Mother.

When Billy gripes to Lily about him protecting Jabot from Diane, she warns him not to try take power from Jack (reflecting on what happened with her own family)

Now home, Abby calls Jack – she doesn’t want to alarm him but fears Billy’s heading down a worrying path.

In the park, Kyle hands Audra her lemonade. After a lot of flirting, Kyle’s summoned to the house via a text with his Dad. That leaves Nate to accost Audra. I had a feeling you were lying to me. Worse, you’re lying to Nikki and playing with fire.