Thursday, September 7th, 2023

At the house, Kyle quickly realizes (much to his annoyance) that Abby called his parents. Jack and Diane badger him to talk about the hurt and pain he’s feeling. Don’t bottle it up.

With Mike still in Singapore, Heather’s agreed to represent Sharon. She waits on the patio while Nick gives Sharon the same warning he gave Sally. Don’t feel sorry for/believe Adam.

Running into Adam at Society, Sally’s sorry about what happened with Victor. Adam sounds ever so sincere in taking full responsibility. Losing Sally, Ava and his partnership with Nick and Sharon is the wake up call Adam needed.

Having brought Sally nearly to tears, Adam claims that everything he’s lost is sending him in a new direction (though he has no idea what that is)

Nick doesn’t believe that Adam’s ‘in a bad way’ and Sharon shouldn’t either. Be careful.

Diane and Jack don’t want to see their son go down a bad path. Kyle’s enjoying life and on a great path. I have a job at Newman Media and broke things off with Audra – so what’s the problem???

Jack wonders why Kyle would take a ‘diminished’ position at Newman Media but not at Jabot. I was forced out of Marchetti and Billy’s your second in command. He says there’s conflict. You can’t trust him. Kyle shocks his parents even more by claiming that leaving Jabot and Summer are the greatest things to ever happen to him.

Nick hates to say it but knows Adam would leverage the loss of his daughter. He’s proud of Sharon and Sally (whose next venture he’s agreed to finance) He’s not sure if he’ll go back to Newman.

When Sally brings up the son who adores him, Adam feels that if Connor can take action to get himself help, he (Adam) can make amends with his family and start over.

Kyle’s free to do whatever he wants. Neither Jack nor Diane believe he’s this emotionally detached. Kyle doesn’t need his parents approval. If they don’t stop harping on him, he and Harrison will move out.