Thursday, September 7th, 2023

Nick marches over to Adam and Sally’s table. Stop trying to enlist Sharon into fighting your battles for you. Sally jumps up – she was just checking on Adam. Nick’s frustrated – what do you want? Do you even know??

At home, Victor’s flashing back to the good times and bad times (mostly the latter) with Adam. Heather and Sharon are invited in to take a seat – I’m all ears. Sharon never agreed to the merger or having her company gutted. After Heather says a few words, Sharon wants the chance to realize her vision. Both women are surprised when Victor agrees – I think you should.

Adam admits that he turned on his partners. Hear him out, Sally implores. Adam needs a reset before he can decide what he wants – he wants to be part of the family. He’ll accept Nick hearing him out as one small step. Thank Sally, Nick’s left wondering what that was all about.

Victor will release Kirsten Inc to Sharon free and clear. Heather would like to see that in writing. Victor’s indignant that anyone would doubt his word. After Heather leaves, they discuss Adam – and if some psychological wounds are so deep you can never get over them.

No one’s trying to dictate your life, Jack reassures Kyle. Being Ole Smilin’ Jack wasn’t as much fun as it seemed. Diane can vouch for the loneliness of freedom. Kyle needs to be free of his parents to figure out what HE wants – can you accept that??

Kyle’s done making reassurances but agrees not to take Harrison and move out. Jack and Diane regret asking Billy to play double-agent. You shouldn’t trust him, Kyle thinks his Dad should fire Billy (then he’ll consider coming back to Jabot)

Still at Society, Nick’s still deciding whether to go back to Newman. Adam broke Dad’s heart again. So, you’d be taking this job out of obligation? Sally cuts to the chase.

Discussing the complexities of Adam, Sharon again tries to mend fences (this time with Victor)

Victor’s tired of going down this road with Adam. Sharon relays everything Adam told her (that he’s going to change)

After Kyle leaves, Jack and Diane both want their son back at Jabot (though Jack knows he’ll lose his brother)

Sharon joins Nick and Sally at Society to announce that Victor’s giving her Kirsten Inc back. Come work for me, she invites. You serious? Nick looks giddy. Sally looks alarmed.

Adam comes through his front door and immediately pours himself a drink. Flashing back to his spiel about wanting to be a respected member of the Newman family, he takes a drink and scoffs – as if that would ever happen. On cue, Victor shows up at his front door.