Friday, September 8th, 2023

Claiming to have made amends with Sharon and Nick, Adam suggests he start fresh and begin at the bottom of Newman; to work his way up as it should have been all along. Hoping he’s serious, Victor sees only one problem.

Sharon stops by the Chancellor Estate to give a worried Mariah a pep talk. Take it one step at a time.

Victor’s skeptical – what’s different this time? Adam has nothing left to lose. He’s humbling himself and wants to start at the bottom; hoping he can erase some of the damage he’s caused. Victor will think about it. If Adam’s sincere, he’s impressed.

No one deserves to lose a child – but you don’t know the damage Adam’s caused, Nick feels it’s inevitable that he’d suffer the same kind of pain. Sally’s hurt people too – was MY loss inevitable? Nick didn’t mean it that way – let’s talk about something else – like the new design company that’ll launch as soon as Sally sends her business plan to Nick’s financial team. The she’ll have access to a corporate account.

Good afternoon Daddy, Vikki sounds like a 7 year old as she greets her Dad. No, she hasn’t heard from Nick. Believing Nate to be the stumbling block, Nikki suggests he step down (so that Nick will return to NE)

Acknowledging that Nick and Nate don’t see eye to eye, Victor will think about it. Looking pissed, Vikki heads off to a meeting with her Daddy. That leaves Nikki to ask Nate what he’d have said if Victor had asked him to step down.

In the park, Nick flashes back to the happy day when he made his father so proud by joining the company – then, he remembers the day he and Sharon became the proud owners of the coffee house. Adam happens by to congratulate Nick – I truly mean it. He relays his offer to start at the bottom of NE. I bet Dad ate it up, Nick scoffs.

In her suite, Sally gets busy sketching.

Mariah confides her fears to Sharon (that Aria will be deaf) How’s the business? she needs a distraction.

Nate would have stepped down if Vikki and Victor asked him to. Smooth answer (as always) Nikki notes. How can Nate prove that he’s sincere? Step down voluntarily.

Adam tells Nick that Dad’s skeptical (though not as much as Nick is) Nick never knows what to believe when it comes to Adam. It would have been cool to have a brother he could trust. Adam vows that he’s changed. Maybe this was Dad’s plan all along.

Mariah’s happy to hear that Victor gave Sharon her company back and that Adam’s out. Sharon will rebuild Kirsten on her own (maybe with Nick at her side)

Looking through the peep hole, Sally lets her hair down before letting Adam into her suite. He jokes about her using pad and paper instead of a tablet and doesn’t want her to worry about him. He has a plan.

Nate tells Nikki that he won’t step down until they know what Nick’s going to do. Seconds later, Victor and Vikki return from their meeting. Glad to find them all there, he drops the bomb – he’s decided to work with Sharon instead of coming back to Newman.