Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Sipping wine, Ashley tells Jack that she couldn’t walk away from Jabot or her family. Tucker got angrier than she’s ever seen him before; he says I pulled the rug out from under him. He hasn’t changed at all.

Tucker claims to have done everything right – I thought she could walk away. He flashes back to Ashley saying they can still be happy not working together. You’re already different from the woman I married. Abby walks in to fold her arms and glare at Tucker.

Abby talked to her Mom. She told me that Tucker’s hurt and angry, which makes him unpredictable. You broke her heart. It’s the other way around, but Tucker does agree that it’s over (and, on that, leaves)

Jack updates Diane that Ashley called. Tucker went ballistic. He’s been trouble since landing that helicopter on our damn lawn, Jack’s glad that Ashley’s finally on the same page.

Back at the club, Billy tries to get on Tucker’s good side by dissin’ his siblings (which seems to just irritate Tucker)

Tucker seemed to be in real pain, Devon relays what his Dad told him. His rage scared my Mom, he’s still manipulative.

Diane wishes the best for Jack and Ashley’s reconciliation. He tears up when recounting his sister leaving Jabot with her patents. Neil’s death brought them back together. He credits Diane saving Ashley’s life.

Tucker chuckles at the ‘predictable’ Billy (always looking out for number one) Billy was excited about taking over Jabot and pushing Diane out. I’m the best person to run it. Good for you, Tucker heads upstairs.

Abby and Devon debate which one of their parents is to blame. She needs her Mom close to her but must respect her need for time and space. She thinks Tucker’s planning something. Devon would like to give Tucker the benefit of the doubt.

In his suite, Tucker leaves a message for Ashley – how dare you tell Abby that I’m the reason things came crashing down. YOU chose Jack and Jabot over me. Now, you paint me as the bad guy!? he then leaves another message. Sounding heartbroken, he asks ‘what happened? How did it all go wrong’?

Billy drops by the house to compare notes with Jack and Diane. All agree that Tucker’s a threat. He has an agenda. We must stop him from destroying everything and everyone we love.

Next Week: Are you suggesting we have dinner together? Adam’s surprised. Apparently, I am, Sally confirms… This is too serious of a game for me, Phyllis wants to know the name of the company that I … No, You don’t need to know until I decide you do, Tucker’s firm… Lily has unsettling news for Devon – Victor wants out of Chancellor Winters – what’s worse, he’s sold his stake to a third investor (who he won’t name)