Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Summoned to the office, Nate reports that Adam’s the perfect assistant; his work is exemplary. Victor finds that ‘interesting’. Nate’s puzzled – you don’t seem pleased, you seem disappointed.

At the estate, Lily and Devon are on a video chat with Jill (who’s bent out of shape because she doesn’t know what their Great Aunt is up to) Stay on high alert, especially since Jill will be ‘out of commission’ (away on business)

Maime’s annoyed that Tucker didn’t call before dropping by her suite and doesn’t understand why he cares that she met with Nate. Her motive is to have her family work together, and that includes Nate. Tucker believes that Maime’s ‘misguided’ – he betrayed my son so can’t be trusted.

Distrust and dislike Nate all you want, Maime agrees that Jill’s the target; Lily and Devon will run CW without her (and without Nate if Tucker has his way) Nate’s ‘non-negotiable’ – don’t cross me on this, Maime warns.

Devon and Lily don’t see Maime as a threat – she supports us and only has a marginal stake in CW. And, why would she come after Jill now? Their feud is ancient history?

Victor’s not upset; he’s curious as to why Adam fell in line so quickly. Nate relays that he (and Vikki) are concerned about his mental health. Thanks for coming, Victor dismisses him.

Tucker won’t worry about Nate – he doubts he’ll leave Newman (and Victoria) anyway. Reminded that he’s tasked with handling Jill, Tucker has other priorities. With a kiss on the cheek and a ‘see ya’, he leaves Maime chuckling.

In front of the elevators, Nikki finds Nate puzzling over Victor being so lucid just now – none of the odd behavior Vikki and Nick are concerned about. His children are mistaken, she clip clops into the office to tell Victor that Nate’s suspicious. This is some kind of plot, she needs to know that Victor’s not losing his mind. Neither confirming or denying, he’s beginning to notice an upsetting pattern among his children.

Ending the video chat with Jill, Devon gets a text from Tucker. He wants to go for lunch, he informs Lily. Saying that he’s too busy, Devon then gets a call. OK, he finally agrees – he has some things he wants to make clear to Tucker.

Thanking Devon for meeting him (at the club) Tucker offers food, drink and groveling. Devon questions Tucker’s motive for attending Jack’s wedding and probes his break up with Ashley. Yes, he does believe Tucker uses people as tools to be used.

Tucker’s love for Ashley was real – not about business, he’s indignant. Sure, he let off a bit of steam and made empty threats to Jack and Billy – but how can he mend his relationship with Devon? Make things right with Ashley.