Wednesday, October 25th, 2023

Nick makes a beeline to CL’s to give Sharon the shocking news – we’ve been duped – again – Dad’s as sharp and cunning as ever.

At the ranch, Nikki’s relieved that Nick knows the truth and now Victor must tell Vikki. No, he insists on testing her and Adam. Right now,
Victor only trusts Nikki and Nick.

In bed Vikki can’t stop worrying about Adam exploiting her Dad’s condition. Nate reassures – Adam works for me; I’m watching him and will protect Victor.

Over a martini at the club’s bar, Sally flashes back to Nick saying he can’t be with her (because she still loves Adam) On cue, Adam joins her to apologize for once again ruining something for her. No, don’t go, she stops him.

It was all a lie? Sharon’s astounded to hear about Victor’s plan to test his kids’ loyalty. Nick believes his Dad suspects Adam – so why bring him back? Adam’s a power hungry narcissist. Nick’s had enough.

It’s not over between me and Nick, Sally tells Adam that he’s hurt (by both of us) The kiss confused us both, she opines. Adam feels he poisons everything he touches – I always screw it up. In tears he confesses that he’s finally drove his father over the edge.

If Vikki’s trustworthy she has nothing to worry about, Victor won’t budge. Please tell Vikki the truth and put Adam where he belongs, Nikki pleads – on the outside looking in.

Vikki appreciates Nate’s support but she’s really worried about her Dad. If this gets out … We have to get him to see a doctor first thing in the morning. Nate approves of the plan but will the legendary Victor Newman?

Nick has no idea why his Dad loves Adam so much. He makes my blood boil. But, it doesn’t make sense to put your family through this. Sharon suggests Victor’s not testing Adam; he’s testing Vikki.

Adam tells Sally that his Dad’s been acting erratically. I pushed him over the edge. He saw the truth; that I haven’t changed – it was a lie to get revenge.