Thursday, October 26th, 2023

At Society, Vikki can’t believe that Dad’s testing their loyalty – it’s too cruel. You know Dad would, and he did, Nick states facts. Whose loyalty is he testing? And how did Nick find out? Doesn’t matter, he says. Vikki realizes it was Dad – you’re the only one he trusts.

Awakening from a nightmare in which Adam and Nick are physically fighting over her, Sally’s asked to choose between them. I don’t know, I don’t know she awakens to say.

Adam thanks Dr Skelton for meeting him in the jazz lounge so late. Victor Newmans’ reputation proceeds him, Dr Skelton read ‘Ruthless’ – how can I help? Adam thinks his Dad’s exhibiting signs of dementia.

At the ranch, Victor suspects Nick will go straight to Vikki – she’ll eventually understand. Nikki doesn’t think she will. Victor starts the next part of his plan when Nate arrives and Nikki’s dismissed. Nate reminds the seemingly confused Victor – you said I was the only person you could trust.

Victor gripes that his own flesh and blood think he’s losing his marbles – what has Vikki told you? I need to know.

Nick explains the clue/drawing (the Serpent of Names) tipped him off – Dad wanted me to figure it out. Yes, Dad knows I’m telling you. Vikki’s hurt to realize that Mom knew – for how long?

Understanding that Dr Skelton can only give him generalized advice, Adam lists his Dad’s behavior. It’s hard to diagnose dementia without tests, the doctor’s then asked if running such a large company could be impacting Victor’s health.

Dr Skelton lists the many other ailments that could exhibit the same symptoms. He’ll need to run a series of tests – sooner rather than later or your father’s condition may decline.

Sally flashes back to happy moments with Nick and Adam. Giving up on making a list, she leaves her suite in a hurry.

Dad’s convinced someone’s going to betray him and Nick’s not sure he’s wrong. Vikki’s sure it’s Adam but Nick thinks it might be Nate.