Thursday, October 26th, 2023

Vikki’s worried about you, Nate hates betraying her confidence – she’d never betray you. he swears to Victor.

Flashing back to his conversation with Nick, Victor swears Nate to confidence – his family’s concern is justified; he fears his grasp on reality is slipping away. Nate’s sorry – what makes you think that?

Nick believes Dad suspects Nate and Adam. They agree to let Adam fall into Dad’s threat.

Adam will see if he can get his father to come in for tests. Dr Skelton admires his devotion. Spotting Adam, Sally doesn’t escape the lounge fast enough to avoid him. It was a mistake coming here – it’s late, she leaves.

Nick thinks Adam’s concern might be sincere, Vikki not so much – at all. Nick’s sorry that Dad put them through this – and Dad is too. Nikki arrives at Society to watch them hold hands across the table.

Nate warns Victor not to diagnose himself – go see a doctor; treatment might be able to reverse this. You’re a damn good doctor, Victor again swears Nate to secrecy. It would be devastating to the company if this got out.

Nikki had a feeling Nick would go directly to his sister. She’s relieved it’s out and understands why Vikki’s upset. Your Dad adores both of you, Nikki believes it’s Adam’s fault. Vikki’s not sure she can forgive him (Victor)

Adam’s chased Sally to her door. Are you OK? she asks. No – the man he met is a psychiatrist. Yes. he’s really worried about his Dad. Sally gives him a hug.

Nate offers to facilitate Victor getting diagnosed and treated from discreet professionals. Not a word to anyone, Victor warns – Adam must smell the blood in the water already. This stays between you and me – or else.

Nick shares his idea to go along with Dad’s plan to entrap Nate or Adam. We all know it’s Adam, Vikki’s confident.

Sally and Adam enter her suite joined at the lips. Neither want to stop – so they don’t.

Next Week: Look at you, you’re here, Billy greets Chelsea with a kiss. I’m back baby, she’s happy to report … Kyle’s tired of his family giving him crumbs – he wants what’s rightfully his and do anything to get it… Nate tells Devon and Lily that he found something out about Aunt Maime and it’s not good… Vikki confronts her Dad – Do you really think I’d exploit your health just for a job title?!