Friday, October 27th, 2023

At the club, Maime finds Nate flashing back to Victor insisting he tell no one – not, Victoria, not Adam – no one, or else. Not sorry to hear that there’s another crisis at NE, Maime encourages Nate to move on.

Over morning tea at home, with Diane, Jack correctly guesses that the loose ends Ashley’s gone to tie up are with Tucker.

Nate chuckles at his Aunt’s snooping about what’s going on with the Newmans.

If anyone can get through to Tucker, it’s your sister, Diane can’t believe she’s defending Ashley (to Jack)

In Tucker’s suite, Ashley rejects his small talk. Shut up and I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’m sorry.

All snooping aside, Maime claims that exciting things are about to happen at Chancellor Winters. Nate wonders what she has planned and why it will ‘make Jill’s head explode’. If you’re planning a coup, it would be a bad idea.

Coffee? Sure Ashley would love a cup. She’s started to listen to her heart. Tucker won’t let his guard down – but just for kicks what does this ‘I’m sorry’ look like?

Diane reminds Jack that Ashley’s a grown woman. Kyle interrupts to say he’s off to see about a prospective job (and that’s all he’ll say) He’ll cancel his meeting if his Dad gives him his old job back – yes or no? Rejecting the COO position, Kyle leaves Diane to scold Jack – get rid of Billy and bring Kyle back as your co-CEO.

Jack can’t be responsible for sending Billy into a self-destructive tailspin. Jabot is his legacy too. It’s Kyle’s too, Diane has an idea – step down and let Billy and Kyle run the company together – while we travel the world. Jack sees one downside – Billy and Kyle killing each other.

In the park, Kyle flashes back to Audra persuading him to think about himself for a change – Tucker and I will give you what your father won’t – the co-CEO chair. They seal their deal with a kiss. Audra arrives after Kyle tosses the soccer ball back to Harrison. Tucker doesn’t trust you so wants to give you a loyalty test.

Tucker sneers at the idea of being ‘civil’ – didn’t you tell Jack that you were terrified of me in Paris? Ashley raises her voice – you were in a blind rage. She can see Tucker’s side but why can’t he see hers? Can’t we put this anger behind us? Tucker finds Ashley’s words heartfelt – but what is she willing to DO?