Monday, October 30th, 2023

At Lily’s, Nate tells her and Devon that Aunt Maime’s pushing for him to return to CW – it’s more than wishful thinking – he learned something about her that changes the game – and it’s not good.

*Sorry for the delay this week. I’m on the East Coast for my son’s wedding and taking care of my grandkids. Oddly enough, they are not fans of the YnR.

Ashley gushes like a schoolgirl to ‘Miss M’. With the house to themselves, she admires Maime so much. Does Tucker really want revenge against the Abbotts? Maime asks.

On the patio, Billy wants to give Ashley the benefit of the doubt (that she’ll find out what Tucker’s up to) Jack worries what will happen if Tucker realizes he’s being played.

Tucker finds it hard to believe that Kyle’s willing to betray his family. He doesn’t approve of Audra’s offer. This isn’t going to work. Kyle persists – you’re making a big mistake.

Nate tells Lily and Devon about the text he saw on Maime’s phone (which makes Devon realize Tucker’s been lying to him) He’ll go get the answers from the man himself.

OK, sell me, Tucker encourages Kyle (who whines about his Dad choosing Summer and Billy over him) He’s tired of trying to prove himself to his Dad and objects to being compared to Billy (who also offered to jump ship)

Back on the patio, Billy can see that there’s something else on Jack’s mind. Yes – Kyle wants your job.

Jack would be lying if he said he didn’t consider giving Kyle his old (Billy’s current) job. He will make the decision based on who’s best for the job. Billy thinks Kyle should work his way up – pay his dues. Jack finds that ironic – have you paid your dues???

Kyle will do whatever’s necessary to erase any doubts Tucker has – he and Audra can take Jabot to the next level. But, HIS concern is that Tucker will reconcile with Ashley and pull the plug.