Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

Mariah and Kyle catch up at Society. Aria’s being fitted with hearing aids, today, Mariah’s nervous that they won’t work.

Hello stranger, Chelsea approaches Billy as he sits on a park bench.

In bed beside Sally, Adam reads a text from Nate – are you planning on coming into work today?

Nick and Vikki are in their Dad’s office. He’s told his sister that he lied to test her loyalty. What’s this all about? Victor doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about.

Mariah speaks highly of the doctor treating Aria (referred by Devon) Kyle’s supportive and admits being unemployed is driving him nuts. He wants his old job back – his uncle might be out soon.

It’s damn good to see you, Billy welcomes Chelsea with a kiss. She’s there to referee Chloe and Summer; Marchetti’s strong-willed women.

At Jabot, Summer’s not impressed with Chloe’s sketches – go back to the drawing board. They continue to butt heads. Chloe doesn’t like her and Chelsea’s designs being second-guessed – why can’t you just let go?

Vikki and Nick are willing to go along with their Dad’s plan – it should be a loyalty test for Adam. Victor denies admitting that he’s setting a trap. You’re trying to trick me into thinking that I’m losing my mind.

Adam’s dressed, Sally’s awake – neither of them have slept this soundly in ages. Do regret that we spent the night together? he asks.

Sally doesn’t regret last night but not ready to accept a dinner date. Adam has no regrets either – see you later, he leaves her in bed.

Nobody’s trying to trick you, Nick reminds his Dad that he confronted him with the Serpent of Names drawing. You confessed that you were setting a trap. When Nate arrives, Victor says – get me out of here. Nick and Vikki are left baffled – what the hell’s going on?

In the CL’s patio, Chelsea tells Billy how well Connor’s doing at his boarding school. He’s happy she’s back – I need you now more than ever. And now it’s time to go upstairs to the apartment for some welcome-back sex.

Chloe asks Summer to trust in her and Chelsea’s designs. Yes, sales are down but maybe you’re feeling you won’t measure up without Kyle – it’s throwing you off. Chelsea and I can deliver for you.

In bed, Billy mopes that things at Jabot are chaotic due to Tucker’s tactics – he had Phyllis frame him for embezzlement – gave Jack and Diane a gift with a listening device. Ashley has a plan to ‘soften’ him. Billy’s bigger problem is Kyle coming after him.

Kyle wants to make a move against Billy before he does damage to Jabot. You’re trying to get him fired? Mariah’s alarmed by his ultimatum – does the job mean that much to you? Start your own business, she suggests.

At the elevator, Nate assures Victor that his kids are genuinely concerned about him. He’s waiting for a call back from the specialist. You’re the only one I can trust, Victor gets on the elevator.