Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

In the park, Christine’s sadness turns to irritation when Phyllis comes along to offer her sympathies (Daniel told her that her marriage to Paul is over) Yes, Chris knows that Danny’s in town, she’s seen him, Not impressed, Phyllis suggests she’s trying to rekindle things with him.

We are NOT friends, Chris pops off her bench to deny she’s ‘chasing’ after Danny. Maybe YOU should stop chasing after Danny and get your miserable life back on track.

Flashback to a furious Phyllis accusing Chris of taking her son away. If you and Danny screw up my relationship with my son, I won’t be responsible for my actions! Phyllis? You OK? Lauren appears to ask.

Chris is at CL’s when Nina surprises her – feel like talking to an old friend?

In the jazz lounge, Danny plays piano and thinks about Chris now being single. Daniel comes by to comment on the ‘melancholy tune’ – what’s going on?

Flashing back to another argument with Chris, Phyllis claims that she’s tried to make peace with her. Really? Lauren’s skeptical.

On the patio, Chris and Nina wish the best for Paul and flashback to how close the two young girls were.

Chris updates Nina that Danny’s in town and Phyllis claims to have changed her evil ways. Flashing back to happy times with Danny, Chris sure could use some fun in her life.

Back in the jazz lounge, Danny basically admits (to Daniel) that he’s open to rekindling things with Chris, now that she’s been single for 5 minutes. Arriving with Lauren, Phyllis immediately spots her son and Danny.

Lauren greets Danny warmly. Taking a seat, Phyllis wastes no time telling Daniel that his Godmother can’t let go of the past or accept that she’s a changed woman. Avoid her, Lauren suggests. Phyllis vows to make peace with Cricket.