Thursday, November 2nd, 2023

In the club’s lobby, Sally and Nick move from awkward small talk to how well her new business is doing – back to awkwardness when she asks how Victor’s doing. Nick’s NOT happy that Adam’s talked to her about it.

Adam’s in Victor’s office to ask if they can have a drink after work. Sure. When Victor wants to find a way to streamline Kirsten Inc., Adam stops himself from reminding his Dad that Sharon owns it – as Nate arrives to ask if everything’s OK.

At the house, Billy bluntly accuses Kyle of going after his job. I’m doing a damn good job as co-CEO and I’m not going anywhere,

Ashley seems surprised when Tucker gives her the cold shoulder at Society. He’s taken steps to have their five minute marriage annulled. It was a fun five minutes – Ashley hopes they can be civil – if only because they share a grandchild. Tucker doesn’t trust Ashley or her motives anymore. Ironic – now it’s YOU who has to convince ME we have any kind of future, he sneers

Despite Tucker’s atrocious behavior, Ashley can still see them being friends. Yes, she wants to know what he has planned against her family/company. He likes seeing her squirm so won’t tell her whether he wants payback or whether he’s let it all go.

Kyle’s sure Billy will implode (like always) He doesn’t want the token position of COO. You’re acting like an entitled, spoiled brat – you don’t see what this is doing to your Dad? Billy growls. Kyle whines about his Dad keeping Summer on at Marchetti but then, suddenly admits that Billy’s right – I am entitled and spoiled. You win.

At the elevators, Adam updates Nate on Victor’s confusion just now. He’s spoken to a doctor. Yes, he told Vikki – she and Nick think he has ulterior motives. When Nate offers to speak to Vikki, Adam doubts there’s anything he can say to change her mind. I’ll move forward on my own. After the elevator doors close on Adam, Nate’s surprised to see Victor standing in the doorway.

In Sally’s suite for privacy, Nick assumes Adam told her about Victor for sympathy. Sorry – forget I said that. He’s upset with Adam, not Sally. She’d rather not talk about Adam, what about you? Nick’s scared for his Dad.