Friday, November 3rd, 2023

It’s the big day. Sharon reassures a ‘terrified’ Mariah and Tessa. They worry that the hearing aids won’t help Aria.

In her office, Nikki flashes back to Vikki’s anger at both her parents. Victor’s not sure who he can trust, she’d defended him. Claire arrives to ask if everything’s OK. Just a family issue – it’ll be fine (which makes Claire more curious)

Seating themselves at a table for three at the club, Adam and Nick bicker. I donated a kidney to your daughter and took a bullet for Dad, Adam insists that he’s genuinely concerned about him,

In the office, Vikki brings in a folder – this isn’t a deal that you’d usually endorse – explain how this a smart move. Victor’s defensive – are you saying I can’t run my own company??

At CL’s, Sharon continues to support Mariah and Tessa by encouraging them to join an online group of parents who’re on the same journey. When Aria hears her parents voice, it will be ‘magical’.

Still waiting for Victor, Nick mocks Adam’s idea but is asked not to tank it. This is a last resort – Dad won’t go see a doctor, Adam knows.

Victor refuses to go over this business deal that Vikki’s questioning – he’s going to the club to talk to Adam about the merger. When Nate appears, Victor rudely rejects his offer of a drive and marches out.

Prepare for joy, Sharon sends the girls off in a much better mood – they’ll video-chat later to keep her posted.

Claire’s sorry if it sounded like she was prying – I’ll be at my desk if you need anything. I’m always available to listen. Thank you, Nikki says politely but dismissively (much to Claire’s annoyance)

Here’s Dad – be cool, Adam instructs. Nick flashes back to Victor continuing his performance for Vikki – he doesn’t trust me, she’d concluded.