Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

Meanwhile, on the patio, Nina wonders if Chris could get back what she had with Danny. Flashback to Chris kicking Danny out – since he now has a son (after cheating with Phyllis) I’ve never stopped loving you, Danny had forced a kiss. Announcing that she’ll be marrying Paul over the holidays, Chris screams through her tears ‘How could you do this’!? as Danny leaves.

Needing to get to a meeting, Lauren encourages Phyllis to forget Chris and remember the good times with ‘these guys’ (Danny and Daniel) Make new memories (an idea that makes Danny looks mildly uncomfortable)

You and Danny are both single, Nina sees no reason why he and Chris shouldn’t explore the possibility. You owe it to yourself to find out. Surprised to see Chris and Nina on the patio, Lauren’s sorry that things are over with Paul and suggests Chris partner up with Mike again (when he’s done rescuing Gloria in Singapore) Flashback to the two young lawyers creating ‘Baldwin Williams and Associates’. Near tears, Chris wonders if she made a mistake choosing her career over having a family.

Nina and Lauren encourage Chris (who flashes back to how much Paul wanted to start a family) You made a difference in many kids lives, Daniel and Fen, then add. Flashback to Chris in the hospital; her devastation when Paul told her that she’d lost the baby. Chris relays to Lauren that Nina thinks she should explore things with Danny. Wow, Lauren reacts – she was just with Phyllis – she does want to do better. Nina and Chris remain doubtful.

Praised on the good job she’s doing at Omegasphere, Phyllis announces that today is day one of her not thinking about Christine. Doubting she can get to day two, Daniel appreciates everything Chris did for him. After another flashback, Phyllis leads the toast – to the bug – I mean Christine. She clinks glasses with Danny and Daniel.

With hugs for both, Lauren leaves Nina to see that Chris is at a crossroads. You had two great loves; more than most people get. Agreeing and appreciating her BFF, Chris thinks she knows what direction to go in. Nina will always be along for the ride ~hug~

Phyllis is delighted when Daniel invites her to attend a meeting with him. She then puts Danny on the spot by inviting him to dinner – tonight. When Chris arrives, Phyllis isn’t as happy about going to the meeting with Daniel. I’ve been thinking about you, Danny leads Chris to the piano. ‘It’s beautiful’, she leans on him as he plays.