Monday, November 6th, 2023

When Nate explains the plan for Victor to take a leave of absence while being tested and treated at a private clinic he’s arranged (and drafted a press release for) Victor asks Adam if he approves. No, he does NOT.

In the dining room, Heather leaves Daniel a message – asking if he’s found a place for her and Lucy to stay when they get to GC.

Sure the press will catch on, Adam wants to bring the doctors to Victor. He needs a controlled environment, Nate protests. This is Victor Nemwan, Adam argues – we can bring in the best specialists and create a controlled environment here. Mom, what do you think? Vikki asks.

‘Maybe’ Devon can work with Nate again. That’s better than ‘definitely not’ to Lily. But no, he can’t be COO again though. She then asks a hypothetical question – what if Maime’s goal is to push Jill out so our family can own CW?

Chloe and Sally joke about Daniel’s folding table. He wants a relaxed home; not an opulent showpiece; something that reflects art and tech. Chloe has some good ideas for the dining area. Expecting it to be Lily at the door, Daniel’s thrilled to see Lucy.

Heather gives Daniel a kiss on the cheek as she follows Lucy in. After introductions and more jokes, they smile as Daniel does a walk-around with his designer(s)

No, Devon doesn’t know what Tucker’s plan is and doesn’t much care as long as he doesn’t hurt his family (which brings him and Lily back to the subject of Nate)

Nikki continues to keep her thoughts to herself and Victor just nods as Vikki weighs in.

Nate’s happy at Newman with Vikki, Devon realizes that Lily wants their cousin back at CW too. For her and Aunt Maime, he’ll give it a try. In the hallway, he sends Nate a text to see if he’s free for a drink later.

Yes, Nate recommends Victor be admitted to the clinic on a voluntary basis. Sequestered from my family for a period of time, Victor wonders what would happen to Newman Enterprises while he’s gone. All look around at one another.

Thanking Sally and Chloe, Daniel shows them out (and conveniently leaves the door open) On cue, Lily walks in on Heather smiling as Lucy hugs her Dad (who’s found them a rental nearby)

‘Hello’, Lily’s surprised to hear that Lucy’s picked the colour for her bedroom at her Dad’s. I didn’t realize you were in town, Lily flounders – as Heather grins triumphantly.

Back at CL’s, Chloe admits to Sally that things aren’t good at Marchetti – I’ve made a terrible mistake.

Abby folds napkins at Society as Devon updates her that he’s reached out to Nate. He hasn’t heard back but assumes he’ll reply when he’s ready.

Enlighten us, Nate – what happens here while Dad’s away? Adam wants to know. Vikki should step back in as CEO, Nate thinks it obvious. Was this your idea? Victor asks Vikki. No. When Nate claims that he didn’t break Victor’s confidence, Victor asks Nikki it it’s time we drop this charade. It’s past time, she purses her lips disapprovingly. You’re fired! Victor stuns Nate (and everyone else except for Nikki)

My Thoughts: ‘I appreciate the soda’, Devon thanks Abby before leaving Society. Weird comment – it’s not like he got unlimited refills or anything …. Having mentioned that the press will catch on to Victor’s condition, isn’t the family concerned that Abby might read about it in the gossip rags in between organizing Dom’s nannies and folding napkins – folding napkins! ….. It’s not like Heather’s salad will get cold while she’s on the phone but couldn’t the call to Daniel have waited until after she and Lucy had eaten? Heather’s quickly proving to be a pain in the ass; are guests coming through the revolving door supposed to jump over her and Lucy’s luggage to get to the dining room? And why would a woman of Heather’s intelligence need someone to look for an apartment for her? Can’t she go on Marketplace or Kijiji?