Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

Phyllis just so happens to run into Danny in the jazz lounge. Getting only two words out of him, she mopes about being the pariah now that the ‘Bug’ is back in town.

Meeting at Chris at Society, Nina and her old pal mention a case Chance is working on and what may or may not be going on between Chris and Danny.

Summer joins Chelsea and Chloe at CL’s to talk Marchetti business. The former two are stunned when Chloe doesn’t think it possible to work together.

Fired? For what? Nate’s stunned. Victor loudly makes it clear that he doesn’t belong in a looney bin. He’s been faking his mental decline to see who he could and couldn’t trust (and is relieved it’s Nate and not Adam) You didn’t trust me? Vikki’s hurt.

Victor had his doubts about all of them; Vikki because she was angrier about being demoted than what her boyfriend’s done, he shouts.

Nina relishes the thought of Phyllis’ reaction to Chris and Danny reconnecting. It’s kismet that you’re both in GC at the same time. Chris isn’t rushing into anything (but looks smitten)

Back in the jazz lounge, Phyllis whines about Chris having it in for her. OK, she won’t call her ‘the bug’ or ‘Cricket’. Danny knows Chris has more important things on her mind; like her marriage to Paul ending.

Summer wants things to work; Chloe insists that three people can’t find a ‘rhythm’ – she doesn’t want to be the third person struggling to be heard.

Praising herself for using Chris’s name, Phyllis really feels for her. I’m a work in progress. Aren’t we all? Danny’s been doing Transcendental meditation for years. Oh, wow – can you teach me? Phyllis asks.

Nikki defends Victor not telling Vikki – agreeing that she’d have told Nate. You wanted to commit me to that looney bin so you two could run my empire. Nate insists he did nothing wrong and had no ulterior motives. You did me a favour by firing me, he slams out. We’ll talk about this later, Vikki follows.

Danny explains why he can’t teach Phyllis his fancy meditation that will require a certified instructor. How about dinner? I’m free. Danny already has plans – not with Chris.