Monday, November 6th, 2023

In Lily’s apartment, Daniel declares her a genius for recommending Sally (who’s coming by in an hour) Are you really cool with me living just a few floors below?

Devon stops by Society to update his ‘pretty lady’ that Aria’s hearing aids are working perfectly. Off to meet Lily, he’s unsettled by all the recent changes.

Lucy and Heather arrive at the GCAC with a considerable amount of luggage.

Happy when Sally struts into CL’s ‘all chipper’ and excited about going to see her first client (Daniel), Chloe suspects her mood is also due to things being back on track with Nick.

In his office, Victor admits the ‘truth’ to his assembled family and Nate – his mental state is declining and it’s time to do something about it.

It’s a bit late to ask now, you already bought the place, Lily jokes – she’s thrilled that Daniel will be living so close. Both have a bit of free time ~kiss~

Devon’s concerned that Maime wants to bring Nate back to CW – and that Tucker might be involved. Abby advises him to trust his instincts. She knows he won’t be bullied or pushed around.

Nikki gives Victor the side-eye as all three of his kids express their concern for his health.

Sally tells her one and only friend, Chloe, that she’s done moping around – it’s time for her to get her spark back.

Chloe’s about to tell Sally why the last few days have been ‘crappy’ when Daniel arrives. When he excuses himself to take a call, Chloe jumps at the chance to tag along with Sally and Daniel.

Lucy doesn’t want Heather to reach out to Dad – their return is to be a surprise. She really missed him.

At Lily’s, the next order of business is Maime wanting Nate to work with them again. Is that even a possibility? she asks Devon.