Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

At the elevators, Nate lashes out at Vikki for not having his back in there. She claims to be as angry as he is. You threw me to the wolves and sided with ADAM! His plan would have enabled him to manipulate Victor from the inside.

Under attack from Nick and Nikki, Adam’s defended by his Dad, who believes he was acting in the best interest of him and the company.

Be angry at my father, not me, Vikki had no idea. There’s a way to fix this. Nate just wanted to give Vikki what she deserved while her father healed. Stepping into the elevator, Nate snarls that he was mistaken to think Vikki had his back – he won’t make that mistake again.

Adam asked you all to work together, Victor scolds. We’ll never know whether Nate would have caused a crisis because you ended your loyalty test too soon, Nick points out. When Vikki comes back, they all tell her that Nate was disloyal. She rants about Adam getting yet another free pass. I don’t know if I can forgive you for this, she slams out again. I warned you this would happen, Nikki reminds Victor.

When Summer excuses herself to take a call, Chelsea tries/fails to change Chloe’s mind. Summer returns to try/fail too. Chloe adores both ‘rock stars’ but wants to collaborate with Sally.

Danny’s having dinner with Daniel and Lucy. Heather’s here too? Phyllis promises to stay out of their relationship. In that case, you’re welcome to join us, Danny invites.

Nina and Chris’s get together is interrupted by a call from Memorial. How serious is it? Chance has been shot!

Yes, Victor assures Adam that he’s as sharp as ever. Nikki can vouch for that. Nick understands why his sister’s hurt. She may not forgive you; this may be one betrayal too many, he warns his Dad.

Call me – we need to talk, Vikki sends Nate a text. Having a drink at Society, Nate ignores her message and replies to Devon’s request to have a drink. When and where? he asks.

At CL’s, Summer appreciates Chloe’s candor. When a distressed Sharon comes out of the kitchen talking to Ester on the phone, the three fashionistas are stunned to hear that Chance has been shot (Summer’s obviously the most visibly shaken)

Chris and Nina rush into Memorial to ask the nearest nurse about Chance Chancellor, the new Chief of Police. Directed to the second room on the left, Nina runs to her son’s side. It’s me, your Mom, she sobs over an unconscious Chance.

My Thoughts: Are we really expected to believe that Chloe ‘adores’ Summer? Or that Sally, with ONE client is able to afford to hire her? Odd that Lily would recommend an interior decorator for Daniel – she didn’t do anything to the penthouse except maybe rotate the framed photos of Neil 45 degrees … It’s a good thing no one else works on the same floor as Newman’s CEO office. You’d think any employees would have the gossip rags on speed dial. Where are all the nosy reporters Adam was so worried would learn about Victor’s condition? Was it really necessary for Victor to repeatedly use the words ‘looney bin’? We call them mental care or psychiatric facilities nowadays. Given the high rate of mental instability in GC, you’d think they’d make more of an effort to remove the stigma …. Chris being able to deliver the line ‘Chance Chancellor, the new Chief of Police’ without laughing is almost as impressive as her sprinting in 5″ stilettos while wearing a necklace that appears to be as heavy as Titanic’s anchor. I guess Memorial’s Emergency Department has no admittance desk or requirement to confirm that they’re only giving medical information to relatives of their patients. It’s also quite convenient that the doors to patient’s ‘rooms’ fly open like the entrance to a grocery store (convenient for anyone who’d like to shoot the Chief of Police in the chest that is; it’s not like Chance has made any enemies while putting away bad guys for his entire career.