Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

At Chance’s bedside, Nina weeps in Chris’s arms – it’s too much for any Mother to take. Sharon arrives to hear from Elena that Chance is a lucky man. Though clearly not Chance’s spouse or direct family, what Sharon does have is a sad face. So, yes, she may see him.

Devon meets Nate moping over his drink at the jazz lounge’s bar. Never mind what’s the matter with him – what do you want to see me about.

Finding his sister scanning the club’s dining room for Nate, Nick needs a drink and guesses Vikki does too.

Over drinks, Vikki tells Nick that both she and Nate were blindsided. Expect the unexpected (he steals Big Brother’s slogan) He’s sorry – that she’s hurting but believes Nate’s plan was self serving. Maybe Adam’s ‘playing the long game’ too, Vikki suggests. Nick’s more concerned with how she moves on from here.

Downstairs, Devon and Nate are having drinks too. Devon hopes that he and Nate can put the past behind them and spend time together like they used to. This is a day for big surprises, Nate again eludes to his ‘big day’. Devon reports that he and Lily are inspired by Maime – and ‘what would Neil do’.

Elena joins the three exhausted ladies – go home get some rest and something to eat. I’ll call if anything changes. OK, Nina gives her son a kiss on the forehead and leaves with Chris and Sharon.

Summer asks Elena if Chance is OK. ‘We’re friends’ seems to be good enough nowadays. ‘You can stay as long a you like’. Now it’s Summer’s turn to look sad as Chance sleeps.

At CL’s, Nina vows to make Chance quit the force – maybe Sharon can get through to him (after what happened with Rey) Sharon was more than ‘involved’ with Rey – her husband’s death broke her heart.

Of course, Vikki was angry about being demoted – but not enough to conspire against Dad. She’s still on Nate’s side. He walked right into Dad’s trap. He believes he solved the problem. Dad wants me to take Nate’s job.

What did you say? Vikki asks. Literally, nothing – Nick walked out. Dad might want us all at Newman to see which one of us wants the crown the most. Declining another drink, Vikki decides to go downstairs to listen to some music.

Sharon explains that Rey didn’t die in the line of duty, it was an accident. She chose the fear that comes along with Chance’s job; she knows his Mother didn’t. She also knows all about having a hurt child you can’t help. Sharon hoped a desk job would be safer but knows Chance can’t be bound to it. None of us can talk him into giving it up.

Devon does a better job extending the olive branch than Nate deserves – he will choose to remember that they love each other. You should have called, Nate chuckles. Vikki arrives to say that she’s been looking all over (the club) for him – can we talk?

Nate doesn’t have anything to say to Vikki right now – he’s repairing things with his cousin right now. Have a good night. We made good progress, Devon seems to be expecting a handshake as he leaves Nate to again whine about Vikki choosing her Dad; the Newmans will always circle the wagons to protect themselves.

At CL’s, Danny’s shocked to hear about Chance. When Elena calls, Nina insists Chris stay and talk to Danny – I’ll keep you posted, she leaves with Sharon. And now Chris confides to Danny how truly upset she is. Suggesting she wait to check in with Paul, both know how precious life is.

Summer talks to the sleeping Chance – what if I never saw you again? You were there for me, became a friend when I really needed one. I’m grateful you’re in my life. Be strong; get through this. I can’t lose you.

Chris agrees to dinner with Danny – but it’s not a date.

Vikki didn’t fight for Nate’s plan because she didn’t agree with it. She was scared word would leak out (like being overhearing during a shouting match at the office, or by Victor faking confusion in public settings, or like maybe a nosy bartender in the jazz’s lounge) We can salvage this. Nate doesn’t want to.

Chris gets a check up from Nina – Chance should make a full recovery. Thai? Sushi? Danny wants to know what she wants for dinner. He’s hungry and doesn’t want to eat alone. OK, Chris could use a burger

Still at the car, Nick gets a text from his Dad – You’re the only one I can count on, son – don’t let me down.

Vikki would hate her father’s actions end things between them – how can she make things up to Nate? He seems most hurt to realize that Aunt Maime’s right – I’ll always be an outsider. He wants space to reconcile with his own family.

Sharon does NOT look pleased as she watches from a few feet away. Chance’s eyelids flutter and he opens his eyes to smile weakly at Summer (who holds his hands)