Thursday, November 9th, 2023

Over dinner at the club, a distracted Lily claims to have a lot on her mind. Daniel explains that Lucy and Heather surprised him while Sally was there. He hopes Heather moving back to GC ‘doesn’t become a problem for us’.

At CL’s, Danny tells Phyllis that he won’t be joining Daniel for dinner after all. Reassured that it’s not because she was invited along, Phyllis puts Danny on the spot – we can still go out for dinner.

What are you doing here? Chance asks Summer. Sharon’s silence continues when Nina runs in to scold her son for putting her through this. As Summer watches them with tears in her eyes, Sharon watches her.

Just because Lily’s quiet doesn’t mean she’s upset – she’s disappointed she wasn’t there to hear all of Sally’s ideas is all. In that case, let’s go back to my place and I’ll show you, Daniel calls out for someone to bring him the ‘check please’!

Chance tells Sharon, Nina and Summer that a jewel thief came back to the scene of the crime; where a shootout ensued before he was apprehended.

Phyllis wants to go to a new restaurant to try their Tiramisu. Danny’s sorry but he already made other plans. Enter Chris.

Sharon lets go of Chance’s hand to make way for Nina to sit beside her son. When Summer announces that she should get going, Sharon thinks it’s so sweet that she came by. Nina agrees – and is sorry for what she went through with her Mom. Summer lost the love of her life, Sharon adds. While Nina spends a few more minutes with Chance, Sharon finds Summer crying. No, it’s not weird that you came, but (once alone) she’s definitely not cool with it either.

Daniel’s apartment has no electricity and his phone’s dead. But, here’s an old-timey flashlight – with no batteries. With some candles lit, Lily thinks it romantic and beautiful. I think you’re beautiful, Daniel gives her a kiss.

Yes, you ARE getting too old for this! a relieved Nina exchanges I love you’s with Chance.