Thursday, November 9th, 2023

When Chris updates Danny that Chance will be fine, Phyllis overdoes her concern – I must call Summer! As Danny and Chris need to make their reservation in 15 minutes, Phyllis says don’t worry – I don’t expect an invite (which hadn’t crossed Chris’ mind) We’ll do dinner soon, Danny throws Phyllis a bone. I’ll look forward to it, she’s left to look like her old scheming self.

Chance thinks it too soon to decide whether to leave the police force. OK, Nina won’t nag anymore but she’ll continue to hope.

Still at CL’s, Phyllis flashes back to decades ago – discussing, with Danny, what their son might become in the future; boxer, doctor, a writer. When Summer joins her, Phyllis is the third person to declare her visiting Chance ‘sweet’. Is something going on with Chance? An irritated Summer reminds that he’s dating Sharon. Phyllis scoffs – Nick is the only man Sharon wants.

At Society, Chris ends a call from Nina. She must be so worried, Danny sympathizes – then quickly realizes he’s put his foot in his mouth (of course Chris, being married to the former Chief of Police, can relate to Nina’s fears) Changing the subject to Chance dating Sharon, Chris reports that Nina isn’t too happy about it.

Though not able to see Sally’s sketches in the dark, neither Lily nor Daniel miss the electricity (but they would be more comfortable upstairs)

Sharon and I hated each other, Phyllis admits that they’ll never be friends; we’ve just learned to tolerate one another. Summer does have feelings for Chance but won’t do anything about them – please, stay out of it. The new Phyllis is proud of Summer’s restraint.

Snuggling under a blanket, Lily hopes she’s proved to Daniel that she doesn’t care that Heather’s back. Almost, he teases. Lily will just have to convince him some more ~kiss~

Chris misses Danny’s famous pasta sauce. He’ll have to make it for her sometime. She’d love that.

Nina thanks Elena for taking such good care of Chance. Go home Mom, he finally convinces her to leave.

Summer’s fantasy of telling Sharon that she’s falling for Chance and won’t back down is interrupted when Sharon arrives at CL’s to snap her out of it. Summer? Summer? She’s again left to suspicious.

Next Week; Nikki tells Claire to focus on her Aunt’s health. I know how important she is to you. There’s probably something else I should tell you about her, Clair adds … Nikki’s not sure she should go on her trip with all the upheaval going on in the family. You’ve been looking forward to it and haven’t seen your sister in a while, Victor encourages her…. A frantic Nikki punches the buttons of a landline phone – please, someone help me. Claire comes over to jab her in the neck with a large syringe.

My Thoughts: I don’t know much about managing an upscale building full of million dollar condos but I’d expect to be found liable if someone bought a unit then hurt themselves because one day the lights were on, they next day they weren’t. Kinda hard to believe that a guy who created an entire online world lets his phone die … Poor Elena has taken quite a fall; going from Internet celebrity (host of AskMD-Now) to being Memorial’s ‘greeter’; telling the girlfriends and wanna-be girlfriends where they might fine their injured loved one (hint: it’s the first door on the left, always) … How unlucky would Sharon have to be to have Summer take over where good ole Mom left off (stealing her man) That said, Summer pretending to respect Sharon’s relationship with Chance would be more believable if Sharon hadn’t married her Dad, grandpa and her Uncle. The Newmans clearly love this planet – why else would they put so much effort into recycling?