Friday, November 10th, 2023

Nick arrives at CL’s to overhear Sharon thanking Elena for calling with an update on Chance. The bullet went right through without hitting any organs. Nick’s been too busy with family issues to watch the news or talk to Summer. He looks uncomfortable when hearing that she visited Chance in the hospital. Sharon then wonders who walked into Victor’s trap – or do I already know?

Vikki drops by her Mother’s office to rant ‘n rave about both her parents. I was worried SICK about Dad! You kept it a secret. How could you do that to me!?

Meanwhile, in the CEO’s office, Adam wonders what role he’ll have now that Nate’s out and Nick’s a maybe. Victor’s not sure – he expected Adam to be the one to betray him; instead, you protected me.

Appreciating Victor being direct, Adam will be brutally honest; he lied about wanting to start at the bottom and work his way up – he wanted revenge. I always wanted to be part of the family and this amazing entity that you’ve built. His father’s disturbing behavior changed everything.

Nikki didn’t want to go along with Victor’s plan but also suspected that Vikki would tell Nate – you understand that you can’t trust him, right?

It wasn’t Adam, Nate’s the traitor. The doctor? Sharon can’t believe it. Nick can – he staged a coup in his own family’s company. Sharon wonders if Nate really thought sending Victor to a clinic was the best course of action. What happens next? Yeah, about that.

Nick’s still suspicious of Adam, and Dad doesn’t have any allies except Mom. You’re considering going back to Newman, Sharon guesses.

Vikki still trusts Nate – everyone we know ‘has an agenda’! Claire pops in to say that she got an urgent call. After Vikki leaves, Nikki asks Claire what the emergency is.

Adam claims that his only goal was to protect and help his father (whose plan he calls ‘masterful’) We all had reasons to exploit your health; Vikki’s ruthless and Nate’s too ambitious. You think like your father, Victor’s proud. So, what happens to me now? Adam asks again.

Adam feels that he’s earned Nate’s position. That would cause friction with Vikki that Victor doesn’t want around him. Adam balks at always being third in line – behind Nick and Vikki – no matter how many times I prove myself, he leaves in a huff.