Friday, November 10th, 2023

Sharon knows Nick always looks after those he loves. He hasn’t decided yet but made a commitment to Sharon and doesn’t want to leave her in the lurch. Do what’s best for you, Sharon insists that she’ll be fine. Nick appreciates her support. God help me, he feels that his Dad and Nemwan need him right now. Do what you have to do, Sharon encourages.

Hearing that Claire’s Aunt fell and broke her arm, Nikki tells her assistant to take all the time she needs. Nikki knows how important she is to Claire. There’s something else I should tell you about her, Claire stammers.

Nikki’s flattered to hear that Aunt Jordan is her biggest fan. She was planning to come to GC this weekend to thank you for hiring me. Nikki won’t be here this weekend – she’s paying her sister a surprise visit in Napa. How about a ride to Oregon on the Newman jet? Claire has another favour to ask.

At the elevators, Adam tells Nick that Dad’s impressed with his loyalty. We all expected you to be the traitor and Nick’s guard will always be up when it comes to his brother.

Ordering a drink in the jazz lounge, Vikki flashes back to Nate relaying his Aunt Maime’s words that he’ll always be an outsider. And since he told her that he needs space, Vikki can only mope over her phone.

Dad’s not here, Adam wonders if Nick’s there to say that he’s sticking with Sharon/Kirsten or giving Dad an early Christmas present (by announcing that he’s coming back to NE) Nick prefers to keep Adam guessing.

Nikki hesitates when Claire asks her to stop in at her Aunt’s for a cup of tea. OK, but it’ll have to be a short visit. Thank you, Claire now knows that her Aunt Jordan’s right – coming to work for you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Joining Vikki to order a beer, Nick thinks she needs to let Nate go. Vikki believes Nate. Now, what will Dad do with Adam – and will Nick come back to the family business?

In Nikki’s office, Victor stands by his decision but isn’t surprised to hear that Vikki’s ‘furious’. His trap was productive – we found out that Nate can’t be trusted. Nikki then raves about her assistant, Claire (who’s off to Oregon for a few days) Her Aunt is quite a fan of mine – so, I’m going to meet her. Victor encourages her to go – you haven’t seen Casey in a while.

Evil assistant, Claire, pauses at the bottom of the club’s staircase to look all villainous.

My Thoughts: Does an even Aunt Jordan exist? If Claire doesn’t have a motive for what she’s about to do for Nikki, then what was the point of this rushed storyline? Oh – probably to give the Newmans a reason to ‘circle the wagons’ and rally together…. Don’t worry Nate – you won’t be alone for long – Audra has likely caught the scent that you’re single and unemployed now (not that she cares about the ‘single’ part) … NOW Nick thinks his Dad and sister need him? Your father has just proven that he’s in not in need of any help? If he needs help running the company maybe he should listen to his wife and go back into retirement? Vikki’s hardly a damsel in distress – she’s still Daddy’s #2 and even TGVN can’t live forever. If anything, she wouldn’t want Nick fighting her for the crown when the King dies. Newman Enterprises and Newman Media’s letterhead must be about 10 pages long with names crossed off and other names added … Nikki landing makes the private jet in Oregon sound as quick and easy as me stopping off at the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread… Line of the day goes to Victor – you (Nikki) have’t seen your sister in a while. By a while, he must mean decades. Casey didn’t even attend GC’s bicentennial.