Monday, November 13th, 2023

We should show her – she deserves to know, Diane prods Jack to hand Ashley his tablet. It’s an article written by Jack’s ‘reporter friend’; detailing what Tucker’s PR department covered up while he was running McCall. We have to get him before he gets us.

Hey Boss – Oops. At the club’s bar, Adam asks Nate how unemployment’s treating him. Back and forth they go, debating which one of them was plotting behind Victor’s back.

At Newman, Nikki’s pleased to be going with Claire to meet her Aunt Jordan and see her sister, Casey. Victor vows to solve the problem he created, even if he has to force everyone to cooperate.

Downstairs, at Newman Media, Claire’s on the phone – she knows how important this is and will do whatever’s necessary.

Summoned to their Dad’s office, a salty Vikki defends Nate; he cares about you and the company’s well-being. Nick disagrees and Victor’s not happy that Vikki still has feelings for Nate.

Still at the club, Adam and Nate continue to bicker until Aunt Maime comes along to ask if she’s interrupting anything. Nope – enjoy your breakfast, Adam leaves her to ask Nate what all that was about.

Jack reminds Ashley that SHE’S shared things with the press without running it by HIM too (like that she and Tucker were starting their own company) YOU promoted Diane without telling ANYONE, Ashley ‘begs’ for more time to ‘make inroads’ with Tucker.

Sally thanks Chloe for meeting her at Society (and her help at Daniel’s) Thrilled that their partnership is back on, both jump up to hug and laugh – until Sally’s distracted by Adam’s arrival.