Monday, November 13th, 2023

Seated for breakfast, Nate admits that things exploded at Newman. He complains that he fell victim to a ruse, was accused of being a traitor and cast aside. Aunt Maime takes no pleasure in being right – but IS happy that Nate can now return to where he belongs; Chancellor Winters.

It almost hurts Victor to list all the examples of Vikki’s questionable choices in men. Get rid of Nate and focus on what’s important. He’s glad to hear that Nick’s ‘all in’.

Jack hates that he’s sending his sister back into the lion’s den – but admits to Diane that his real concern is Ashley falling for Tucker again.

Meeting her Mom at CL’s, Abby’s alarmed to hear that Ashley’s been in contact with Tucker. Just stay away from him – let him go. She then shares Devon’s suspicion that his Dad’s connected to Aunt Maime (and is after CW)

Despite her frustration, Vikki can’t turn her back on NE – which is strong because of her leadership. Nick and Victor agree. She does have one caveat – if Adam’s given an executive position, count me out.

In her office, Nikki looks forward to meeting the woman who raised her amazing assistant – then she’s off to Napa to meet her sister. Leaving while Nikki makes a few calls, Claire sends a text – get everything prepared.

Nick agrees that Adam shouldn’t be given a leadership role. He will be given an important position, Victor’s fed up with the conflict between his children and vows to resolve it.

Chloe dissects the look on Sally’s face when seeing Adam – please tell me you two aren’t starting up again; it would be a bad idea. Agreeing, Sally changes the subject to work and exchanges another smoldering look with Adam.

Happy to hear that Devon extended an olive branch to Nate, Maime wants the four of them to sit down. This is our chance, she feels really good about this.

Abby didn’t realize how much her Mom dislikes Jill; even so, that doesn’t mean she should have her company taken away from her. Tucker would never do anything to hurt Devon, Ashley’s sure. He’s already hurt, Abby worries Tucker still wants revenge. Stay away from him, she’s terrified. Ashley swears she won’t get involved with Tucker again.

Arriving at Aunt Jordan’s, Claire reads a note stating that her Aunt is at the doctor’s and will be home soon. Nikki sips her tea and politely makes small talk about the scenic drive and lovely home.

Claire entertains Nikki with stories about her childhood until the tea kicks in. I don’t feel well, Nikki drops the cup and and then drops off the chair. What’s happening? she looks up in confusion as Claire glares down at her.