Tuesday, November 14th, 2023

Having summoned all three of his kids (who count) Victor’s informed, by Nick, that Vikki won’t be here – she already made herself clear. Is this an ambush? What’s going on? Adam scowls. Victor has news regarding his future.

You’re a hard man to get hold of these days, Vikki accosts Nate at the club’s bar. He thought they agreed to some space. If it’s over, Vikki wants to know so.

As Nikki lays nicely tucked into bed for her nap, Claire lifts one of her eyelids to access her phone.

Claire sends Nikki’s ‘darlings’ a text – she’s staying with Claire and her Aunt for the night before going to see her sister.

When Kyle stops by Newman Media to discuss business with Audra – he’s having second thoughts about going after Jabot.

Vikki doesn’t want to push but can’t we have a drink as friends? Is that still on the table? Of course. After some rehashing of Nate’s plan and what Victor thought of it, Vikki needs someone to talk to – she needs Nate’s compassion right now.

Victor tells Adam that the games are over – you’ve won. You came up with a plan to support me and the company. If Vikki doesn’t see it that way, she can take a walk. Adam’s skeptical. Victor wants this family to work together – all he’s ever wanted. Adam’s as much a part of this family as Nick and Victoria (no mention of Abby) Adam would like to hear Nick’s take.

Nick doesn’t like what Victor did or that Adam’s weaseled himself into another job he hasn’t earned. If it were up to me, you wouldn’t be here. Adam claims that he’d be OK with Nick replacing Vikki and him replacing Nate. So, I was right about you NOT wanting to start at the bottom, Nick smirks.

What’s changed? Audra’s frustrated. Kyle couldn’t live with himself if he went down this road. She believes all his doubts will vanish once they’re in control. Her kiss rejected, Audra calls Kyle a fraud.

After Claire leaves the room, Nikki wakes up in a fog. Claire! Where are you? Still, woozy, she manages to get out of bed – what’s happening to me!?

Nikki finds the door locked so shouts out again to Claire. Unable to find her purse and phone, she bangs on the window – somebody help me. Claire sits downstairs, listening.