Tuesday, November 14th, 2023

Vikki thanks Nate for coming to the lounge for a drink. Adam’s the man of the hour now. You backed him up. And you practically committed him. Vikki regrets siding with Adam. Dad wants to bring him back – I threatened to walk. Go back and convince Victor that you were wrong, Nate encourages.

Victor will find something for Adam. Nick doesn’t like that – he’ll always want more power. Adam will be given an ‘important’ job – Nick will get Nate’s old job. I call the shots – anyone who doesn’t can like it can walk!

Claire reads message from Vikki (who loves and misses her Mom) Claire – why are you doing this?! Nikki shouts – then sits to flashback to drinking ‘very different’ tea. Soon, everything will be as it should, Claire had said. Nikki’s survival instincts kick in – the window’s too high to jump from. She must stay calm.

Kyle thanks Audra for showing her who he truly is – using him to get what she wants. Everything’s transactional, Audra continues to mock Kyle for fearing his Dad. Who do YOU have? Tucker? At least he’s a man, she doesn’t have time for cowards. Deal with it, she opens her door and slams it behind him.

Walking away would make Adam the shining knight and you the disgruntled daughter who left because she couldn’t get what she wanted. Victor won’t last long as CEO; he’ll get the keys to the kingdom IF you hand them to him (by leaving)

Vikki isn’t sure she can work with Adam, knowing he’ll undermine her and Nick whenever possible. OK, then where do you go from here? Nate asks. I DO care about you, feelings don’t just go away. Vikki finally asks Nate what his plans are. He has something in the works but can only say – I’m going home. You should do the same. Adam and Nick watch from the entrance – glaring daggers at the pair.

Kyle’s just arrived home when Audra texts him to say that she handled that poorly – please cam me. Instead, he pours himself a drink.

Nikki decides not to drink from the water bottle beside the bed. She hunts through the nightstand for something to pick the lock (a pencil) Over an intercom, Claire asks if she’s awake. Why are you doing this?! Nikki shouts. Claire doesn’t respond.

The Newman bros stroll over. Nick does most of the talking. Think about my suggestion, Nate ignores Nick and Adam – they’re here to talk to Vikki. About what? Our family.

Getting a text from Nikki, Victor leaves his ‘baby’ a loving message – relax and enjoy your time away.

Ignoring Nikki’s questions, Claire tells Nikki where she can find food and water. My sister’s expecting me, Nikki’s alarmed to hear that Claire’s going back to GC to make the rest of the arrangements. You’ll be with your family soon. Stay away from my family! Nikki orders.