Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

Locked in the bedroom, Nikki gives up on shouting at Claire and forces herself to calm down. I can do this. When I’m out ‘there’ll be hell to pay!’ she shouts.

In the jazz lounge, Nick referees reluctantly apologizes out of his siblings. Now, what will it take to get Vikki back at Newman?

Lily and Daniel have summoned Jill to the condo to tell her that Maime and Tucker have been working together. Well, that’s a match made in hell, Jill huffs.

Audra’s asked Tucker to meet her at the club. You better get a drink for what she’s about to say.

Likewise, at home, Kyle suggests his Mom pour a drink – you’re gonna need it.

After his Mom pours a drink, Kyle plans to do a lot of apologizing (especially to his Dad) Diane will offer support, no judgment. Kyle confesses that he almost sold out Dad, Jabot, our entire family to Tucker McCall.

Audra informs Tucker that Kyle’s backing out of the arrangement. And? Tucker knows the Abbotts are predictable. So, you knew he’d back out?Audra’s surprised.

Nick tells his sister that Dad wants the three of them to work together or we’re all out.

Finding a pair of scissors, Nikki manages to unlock the exit door in the bathroom. Opening it a crack, she pauses for dramatic effect.

The door too creaky, Nikki rubs the hinges with a bar of soap, removes her shoes and tip toes down the hallway.

Nate showed his true colours but do we want Adam being the one in charge if something really does happen to Dad? You two are unbelievable – I could cure cancer and you’d still think I’m up to something. Adam doesn’t care that they don’t trust him – but Dad will (he leaves)

Back at Lily’s, she and Daniel tells Jill that Tucker’s invested millions in Maime’s LLC. Both of them want to screw me over, Jill’s sure.