Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

Tucker’s disappointed that Audra didn’t see this coming – Abbott blood is as thick as tar. We haven’t see the last of Kyle, he’s sure.

Diane doesn’t blame Kyle for being mad about not getting his job – but what did you do? Audra tempted him with an offer.

Tucker knows that Kyle will tell his parents that he was tempted by his and ‘Jezzabel’s’ offer. Jack will use his son like he did his brother – sending him in as a mole.

Vikki returns to her Dad’s office to accuse him of sending Nick and Adam to strong-arming her; which shows lack of respect for her instincts. Again reciting off her past relationships, Victor scolds her for bringing her personal problems to the office.

In the dimly lit living room, Nikki finds the doors locked and that her phone’s been taken from her purse. Picking up a landline, she’s crying for help when Claire appears to jab a syringe into her neck.

Putting Nikki in a chair, Claire won’t spoil the surprise – not until the family she cherishes is here. They think they’re so above it all but they hurt and discard people. You are the worst kind of people – you disgust me. What are you talking about? Stay away from my family Nikki whispers.weakly before nodding off. Claire sends a text saying she needs some help.

Vikki thinks Mom would be proud of her if she cleared out her desk and left. What would you have without this company and ME!? Victor shouts – nothing!

Diane downplays Kyle being tempted by the offer – I’m proud of you. Don’t tell your Dad yet, she instructs.

Jill interrupts Tucker conspiring with Audra. I’ve been banging on your door – are you avoiding me?

Kyle can’t look at his Dad without confessing. Diane wants him to find what Audra and Tucker were up to – then tell your father that was your plan all long. He’ll be proud, grateful and give you what you want.

Ignoring Audra as she obediently leaves, Jill knows Tucker was behind Maime investing in CW. You don’t intimidate me – you don’t even worry me, Jill chuckles. You wouldn’t be here if that was true – Tucker’s plans don’t often fail. Jill will have to check with Ashley on that.

Over wine, Daniel thinks it a bit soon to tell Devon. Lily knows he wouldn’t want to be left in the dark.

Victor DID respect Vikki but without this company she’ll ‘spin out’. I’m that fragile? she balks – then updates Nick when he arrives. Maybe I’ll go spin out now – hello world – lookout, she marches out.

Nikki awakens in bed and hooked up to a Valium IV. She looks confused when Victor appears to smile down at her.

Vikki’s back in the jazz lounge to listen to sad piano music and pout over her wine.

Nick comes to CL’s to see Sharon.

Diane looks almost as sad as Kyle does.

It’s all good, Tucker tells Audra as he heads upstairs.

Adam drinks at the bar as Victor’s in his office – near tears as he looks at a framed photo of Abby (who?) Nick and Vikki.

Nikki dreams that Victor tells her everything’s going to be alright as he removes the IV line. Nikki awakens to find a creepy doll on her bed with a bloody tear coming from one eye. Tossing it aside, she falls back asleep.