Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Summer wrinkles up her nose at the swanky ‘Bachelor Pad Chic’ decor Sally’s decorated Daniel’s apartment in. So – he heard Chance got shot.

At CL’s, Mariah and Tessa update Sharon on Aria’s progress getting used to the hearing aids. All are surprised when Chance appears.

** Apologies to those reading this on the website a day late. Formatting may look different today. I started to explain but it got long. Short story – human error. I did a really dumb thing.

Nate’s the last to arrive at a meeting he’s called at Lily’s apartment; with her, Devon and Jill. The door answered, Nate’s brought a +1 – Maime.

Claire brushes Nikki’s hair and dabs at her forehead with a damp towel. It’s time for another IV bag of Valium – before the big family reunion.

What is SHE doing here? Jill protests immediately. Nate asked her to come along for support. He’s hoping they can make amends – and that Lily and Devon will take him back at CW.

Back at Daniel’s, Summer tells her brother about Chance being shot. He recalls that she has feelings for him – perhaps things with Sharon have run it’s course. You sound like Mom – we’re friends, Summer couldn’t ask for more.

Sharon gives Chance a welcome home hug. Seconds later, Nina comes in to whine about being the receiving the news via text. Sitting to join Chance and the three lades, Nina nags at him to quit the force and doesn’t seem happy that he’d like Sharon’s opinion.

Low blow – Daniel doesn’t like his sister comparing him to Mom (when encouraging her to pursue Chance) Heather arrives with Lucy – with wine and a pineapple. Heather has good news – she has an interview at CW. Daniel can’t take credit – it’s all Lily. Summer seems to notice that Heather’s smitten.

Jill, Lily and Devon are appalled that Victor faked a mental decline to find out who’d betray him. Nate fell for it, tried to get him help and it blew up in his face.

Claire tells a sleeping Nikki that Aunt Jordan will be here soon to answer her questions. She’s been waiting for this Thanksgiving her whole life. Time to set things in motion – sweet dreams – enjoy ’em while you can, she leaves.

Nate defends his plan – he was concerned about Victor but labeled him a traitor. Oh, not you, Jill oozes sarcasm. Devon’s skeptical too – you committed him without his consent? No one seems willing to re-hire Nate (though Maime wants him welcomed back into the family)

Bidding all good bye, Summer leaves Heather to tell Daniel that she seems curious about our ‘dynamic’.

Mariah and Tessa will see Sharon later (when she comes up to see Aria) Nina buries her scowl in a coffee mug when Chance suggests taking his two favourite ladies out for breakfast.

Maime agreed she wouldn’t chime in on business talk – this is family. Jill struggles to see Nate as a team player. Nate’s learned a lot since leaving CW – he’s more flexible and now knows the meaning of family. He wants to be a good worker and family member.

Abby welcomes Chance (with Nina and Sharon) to Society – breakfast’s on me. When Nina asks Abby about Chance quitting the force, she’s ‘all for it’.

Nikki awakens to find a large silver-domed platter on her bed. Lifting the lead, she reveals a giant bottle of vodka.

Nikki pushes the platter of vodka away and determined to call Victor, gasps in pain as she rips the IV out of her hand.

Summer’s worried you coming back to town will make me spiral again, Daniel tells Heather (who knows he wouldn’t hurt her and Lucy again) She likes who Daniel is now – very much.

Over breakfast, Sharon leans towards letting Chance make his own decision. Nina’s trying to talk him into a corporate life when Summer arrives to ignore all three ladies as she gushes over Chance (which they all notice)

Nate’s up to speed on CW and wants to be part of the family again. He misses Lily and Devon and how close they used to be. He lists all the people he wants to make proud – Neil and Malcolm/Dru and Olivia always made up. The three are left to discuss it. Maime looks forward to discussing their ‘issues’ at some point. Devon’s suspicious but Jill agrees with Lily that Nate seems sincere – we’ll need all the support we can get.

Aside, Abby wastes no time asking Summer what’s going on between her and Chance. It’s really that obvious? Summer can’t deny it.

Lily tells Devon that there’s evidence that Tucker has a vested interest in CW – he’s been investing in Maime’s LLC. Probably to get rid of me, Jill adds.

At the club, Nate thinks Devon may never forgive him – the fiasco with Victor didn’t help. Sure she can get this across the finish line, Maime gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Nina leaves Chance to hang out at CL’s with Sharon. Now that’s it’s just the two of them, she asks how he feels about leaving the force. Don’t be pressured. Chance will do what’s best for himself.

Climbing out of bed on wobbly legs, a parched Nikki considers the bottle of vodka then tastes the end of the IV line. Oh no, she’s horrified.

Downstairs, Claire fixes her hair in the mirror. Don’t get soft on me now, Aunt Jordan appears. We’re so very, very close.

Next Week: Come to work with me at Chancellor Winters, an excited Jill invites Chance – I’ll teach you the ropes of the corporate world…. At Society, Abby’s glad to see the Fishers, Baldwin’s and Gloria (who thankfully Mike kept out of prison) … Nikki chug-a-lugs vodka, drops/shatters the bottle, then crawls back into bed crying – what have I done?

Casting note: If Aunt Jordan looks familiar, it’s likely you’ve seen Colleen Zenk playing Barbara Ryan on As The World Turns (a role she played for 25+ years)