Friday, November 17th, 2023

Though Tucker’s ‘not in the mood’, Ashley takes a seat – what’s going on with Devon? You need someone to talk to. Not you, Tucker pouts. Do you want to fix things? Ashley tells him to stop being an ass. Since they share a grandson, she feels obligated to help.

Tucker tells Ashley that Phyllis is spreading lies. He had no clue that Maime invested in Chancellor Winters. Declaring Tucker an excellent grandfather, Ashley will help him for Dom’s sake.

Diane’s happy when Kyle decides to come back to Jabot but Jack’s ecstatic. It’s where he belongs ~hug~

At Lily’s, Devon updates his sister and Jill that he confronted Tucker. He’s lying and has a plan. Lily’s sorry that Devon’s been disappointed yet again. He has an idea he hopes they’ll be onboard with.

I can’t do this, Ashley stands. Tucker stops her. What do you want? he’s suspicious. Fine, I accept your offer. Have a nice day! Ashley stomps off. You too! Tucker’s left to fume.

Nina continues to bully Chance. Haven’t you given enough? You’re lucky to be alive! Chance feared he wouldn’t ‘measure up’ at Chancellor Winters but maybe it’s time to stop running from the family legacy.

Coming home to applaud Kyle’s decision, Ashley updates him, Diane and Jack on what she just learned about Tucker and her plans to help him stay in Devon and Dom’s life. No, she will NOT reconnect with him!

Ashley is sure that helping Tucker remain a father and grandfather will work; whereas, Jack’s plan to publish the dirt on Tucker will not. Agreeing with her, Diane and Kyle are left to make faces at one another.

When Chance leaves a message for his grandma Jill, Nina couldn’t be happier.

Without revealing what Devon’s plan is, Jill and Lily agree that it’s risky but just might work. Let’s do this. When Nate and Maime arrive on cue, Devon sounds serious – we have something important to discuss with you.

Diane’s pleased with Kyle’s decision. You’ll be a hero to your Dad when YOU save Jabot, not Tucker or Ashley – YOU. Once alone, Kyle sends Audra a text – I need to talk to you.

Ashley’s at Society to grill Abby about what Tucker and Devon are fighting about. Yes, there’s proof that Tucker’s been lying – Devon might be done with him. Ashley pressures her to help mend things between father and son.

Easily getting Maime to admit that Tucker’s invested in her company, Devon offers a deal. If she tells them what Tucker’s planning, Nate can come back to CW.