Friday, November 17th, 2023

At CL’s, Jill scolds her grandson for getting himself shot. Chance might quit law enforcement, Nina joins them to say with optimism. She and Jill pitch HARD for him to go work at Chancellor Winters.

With Jack still upstairs, Diane’s able to have a private word with Kyle. She pressures him to go undercover with Audra and Tucker – but don’t tell your Dad. Tell me what? Jack appears to ask. You can tell me anything. Kyle’s sorry he’s been such a jerk and is considering the offer to rejoin Jabot as its COO.

Devon takes a seat across from Tucker at the club to confront him on his latest lie.

Tucker’s oh so puzzled – it’s not true that he’s colluding with Maime. You invested in her LLC, Devon wants to know what he’s after. Did Phyllis tell you this? She’s lying, Tucker doubles down. Keep your hands off CW; it’s Neil’s legacy and your Mothers’. And stay away from me and my family. I’m done with you – Devon pauses at the revolving door to greet Ashley on his way out. Making a beeline to Tucker’s table, she asks ‘what the hell have you done now”?

Diane pretends to be as happy as Jack that Kyle’s done a 180. He credits Billy’s lecture and his Mom’s advice. She made me realize that I need to prove myself and be patient.

Devon thanks Abby for meeting him at Society. He updates her that their suspicions about Tucker were right – he lied so we’re cutting him off. Abby’s sorry and supportive. She gives Devon an idea. Pulling out his phone, he’s got an idea on how to protect his company and family.

Chance basically tells Nina and Jill to slow their roll. Getting a text from Devon, Jill leaves Nina to nag her son some more until Chance caves. He promises to think about working at Chancellor Winters.