Friday, November 24th, 2023

At the revolving door, Adam asks Nate where everyone is. Having no idea, since he no longer works at Newman, Nate’s amused that Adam’s family is still keeping him in the dark. After he leaves, Sally appears. Don’t listen to that guy – Adam and his father are closer than ever.

Suffering the hangover to end all hangovers, Nikki clutches her pillow. Pulling out an old photo, she’s puzzled. Eve?

Downstairs, Cole leaves a message for Vikki. He has no idea who’s house Nikki summoned him to. Call me back – this feels weird. Jordan sneaks up on him and knocks him out with one strike of her hammer.

Through bleary eyes, Nikki croaks at call-me-Jordan – what do you want from me? You need to stay hydrated – and that’s why Jordan’s hooked Nikki back up to the vodka IV. Your family should be arriving soon. I didn’t do this to you – you did this to yourself. You and your family.

Arriving at the house, Claire gives the three Newmans a bottle of water. Aunt Jordan comes down to welcome her visitors. Nikki’s still in the hospital. Visiting hours are over, she adds. Trust me – they’ll let me in, Victor scowls.

Over drinks at the club’s bar, Adam wastes little time bringing up ‘that night’. And sure, he lied about being turning over a new leaf – but he really has changed now. He passed Victor’s loyalty test – Nate was the one willing to betray him.

At CL’s, Nate tells Audra how Victor fooled, then fired him. She knows him all to well. You WERE making a play for Newman – Victor shut you down.

No, Adam can’t work with Nick and Vikki – they won’t even be in the same room as me. Speaking of people who are avoiding him – has Sally given any thought as to where we go from here?

Since Jordan’s car is broken down, Claire excuses herself to call a ‘car service’ to take the Newmans to the hospital. Drinking from their water bottles Victor and the kids are told that when Nikki first started seizing, it was like she’d been drinking. No way – my Mom’s a recovering alcoholic, Nick objects. Jordan finally drops the act and her arm-sling. it’s time to start telling the truth – all of it.