Monday, November 26th, 2023

I’m not your Mother, Vikki understandably believes Claire’s lost her marbles. Claire now sees that her Aunt’s right – the Newmans are liars. Victor demands to know where his wife is!

Upstairs, Nikki awakens to squint at an apparition of Victor – who’s disappointed that she’s drinking again.

Hurt me or my niece and you’ll never find out where your wife is. Claire knows where one vial of anecdote is – her Aunt knows where the others are.

Cole’s not sure if ‘this woman’ is his Aunt – he only met her a few times. In the background, Nick tries/fails to escape. As instructed, Claire collects everyone’s phones, then accuses her ‘parents’ of giving her away. OMG – you’re claiming to be …. You know who I am, Mother, Claire hisses at Vikki.

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Nikki envisions Victor telling her that she’s stronger than the alcohol – you can do it. Don’t close your eyes. Fight this. You’re stronger than they are. Fight. Come on. Nikki struggles to sit up. Fight, fight, she croaks repeatedly.

Cole doesn’t recognize Jordan as his Aunt but is convinced Claire isn’t his daughter. Vikki wanted her baby girl more than anything. Why are you pretending? Eve dying broke both our hearts. Insisting she’s Eve, Claire deflects Vikki’s slap to her face. Jordan watches, amused.

As Nikki continues to reach out for Victor, the IV stand topples over. Nick and Cole hear the crash upstairs. It’s the cat, Jordan leads Claire to agree.

I am strong. I am strong, Nikki now finds Claire blocking her path. You like the way the alcohol feels, she taunts – trusting me was your mistake. Booze makes you whiny and pathetic. God, grant me the serenity … Nikki will NOT die here (she runs to the bathroom to vomit)

Downstairs, Claire tells her story – you shipped me away when I was a baby. You told everyone I was dead. Cole and Vikki tell them that their daughter, Eve, died. Victor offers money – tell me where my wife is. Jordan just wants to hurt them. Her sister died on her way to protect her son (Cole) Flashback to decades ago; Eve and Victor hurling old-timey insults at each other. Jordan refuses to let everyone except Victor go. Claire continues to whine about her parents not wanting her. Look at ME! she and Vikki share a weepy stare.

You’re sick – no more torturing Victoria or us anymore, Cole runs to yank on the doorknob. He and Nick grow weak. Vikki pleads for the anecdote. Jordan wishes Eve was here to see her justice. Please don’t punish them, Vikki’s sorry but your Aunt’s been lying to you. Our daughter died, she and Cole are stunned to hear that Jordan stole their baby from the hospital. Claire also looks stunned.

She was born at 11:17 pm, you were in room C211, Jordan snuck in wearing a nurses uniform. You told me they didn’t want me, Claire turns on her Aunt. They didn’t give me away – they wanted me. It DOES matter. You used me! I’m done listening to you. As Nick wrestles with Jordan, Victor calls out to Nikki. Help us, Vikki and Cole beg. Tell me I’m your daughter, Claire negotiates.

Vikki would want Eve to be alive but it’s not true. Your Aunt lied, Cole adds – it’s just not possible.

Is it really you? Nikki sobs in Victor’s arms.

Vikki doesn’t know why Jordan lied. We can’t get answers unless you help us. Grabbing a knife to fend off Nick, Jordan slices him then confronts Victor and Nikki – where do you think you’re going??