Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

In Nikki’s office, Audra really needs to talk to her boss. It’s unlike you to go off the grid – I hope everything’s OK. Call me back.

A worried Billy leaves a message for Vikki – then questions Nate when he arrives at CL’s. A seizure? Nate’s alarmed. Billy’s surprised Nate wasn’t Vikki’s first call.

Nick staggers down the staircase and rolls around in agony. Nick! Nick! Vikki crawls to his side.

Upstairs, Victor shields Nikki as he warns Jordan to put the knife down. If you’re going to use it – use it all the way – I’m going to come after you. Jordan chuckles.

Nate sends Vikki a text (though he doubts she’ll respond) Billy has a right to know if they’ve broken up. Does your leaving Newman have anything to do with this? What’d you do, Nate?

Your sister tried to kill my wife, Victor reminds Jordan. You abandoned Eve’s granddaughter, Cole’s daughter. You turned Claire into a monster. Nikki’s even more confused than before? It won’t be much longer, Jordan reassures (til they die)

Cole and Vikki frantically try to save Nick. Call an ambulance, Vikki gives Claire the apologies she demands. We loved Eve. You’ve been lied to your entire life, Cole adds. You’re better than that. Call an ambulance. We’ll help you, Vikki’s pleading puts Claire in conflict.

With a sudden burst of energy, Victor throws Jordan on the bed, leads Nikki out and locks the bedroom door.

Billy can relate – Victor had him arrested on his wedding day. Nate won’t go into details – his intentions were good. For what it’s worth, Billy sympathizes.

Mom! Vikki joins her kids and Cole, in a huddle around Nick. An ambulance is on the way. Victor and Nikki scold Claire – what kind of monster are you? All beg for Claire’s help.

Nate flashes back to the argument with Vikki right after Victor fired him and before he stomped onto the elevator. Neither he nor Billy have heard from Vikki. Audra enters CL’s to say that she’s been leaving Nikki messages. Seizure!? This makes no sense. Claire’s not responding either. Billy concludes – something’s going on.

Claire unlocks a drawer and hands out vials of anecdotes. Nikki doesn’t need one – she’s been given alcohol. Nick goes to his phone and calls 911.

After Nick makes the call, Claire gives him the anecdote. We’re all fine – help is on the way, Vikki tells Cole. He’s sorry. He didn’t know about his Aunt. Our baby. She’s dead right? Yes – sorry – Eve’s dead. Cole looks as devastated as Claire.

Nate informs that Victor, Vikki and Nick got on the flight. Audra reports that Nikki’s sister hasn’t seen her. Billy insists they call the authorities. Audra and Nate can’t see what kind of trouble the Newmans would be in. More voicemails are left – Billy’s more convinced that it’s time to worry. Audra’s left to tell Nate that he deserves better than the Newmans. He wonders what this vague job offer is. You know the best part – you’ll be working with me, she smiles.

Cops and medics onsite, Victor’s stunned to hear that there’s no woman upstairs. Placed in handcuffs, Claire claims to have no idea where her Aunt could be.

Nate admires Audra’s self confidence – how did you become you? Getting nothing, Nate still needs more details on this job offer. OK – buy me dinner and I’ll give you what you want. OK, it’s a date, he agrees.

When Nick finally answers, he tells Billy that everyone’s alright. Find that woman – she’s criminally insane, Victor tells the cops. Lead out, Claire pauses to apologize – I don’t even know who I am anymore. All slowly proceed outside to the ambulances.

After all have gone, Jordan watches from behind a grate high up in the wall.